• She Said Yes! Alexis Zotos & Matt DrobakMay 20th, 2019

    When Alexis Zotos and Matt Drobak connected on Tinder, each thought the other looked slightly familiar. Later, they realized their past connection. Just a few weeks earlier, Matt …Read More

  • The Future of BeautyMay 20th, 2019

    Each year brings with it new ways to approach beauty, and T&S is sharing some of the latest advancements. From noninvasive procedures to wellness-focused ingredients, this …Read More

  • Expert CareMay 20th, 2019

    Last year, 14-year-0ld Quentin Tarpley of Marble Hill, Missouri, began feeling discomfort in his right knee. At first, he and his parents thought it might just be growing pains. …Read More

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