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Happy Hour: 3.14.18

japanese whiskey 
The art of making whisky usually includes a strict set of rules to ensure quality and maintain reputation. Japanese whisky, however, does not have to abide by any specific guidelines, which means the finished product is left up to the creativity of the distiller. It has rapidly grown in popularity over the past few years, leading to production shortages and a price increase.

quick facts 
» Built in 1923, Yamazaki was Japan’s first official distillery. Masataka Taketsuru studied whisky making in Scotland before opening the distillery with Shinjiro Torii. » Since the origins of Japanese whisky come from Scotland, the Japanese tend to spell it without the ‘e’ (whisky, not whiskey). » Most of the barley used to make Japanese whisky is imported from Scotland.
» It usually is aged a minimum of three years in bourbon oak barrels, sherry casks or mizunara casks made from a rare Japanese oak.
» Japan has warm summers and cold winters, which has a big impact on the aging and flavor of its whisky.
» It resembles scotch in style, but has a less intense smoky flavor. » Drink neat, or with a large ice sphere or cube to slow down the dilution and keep the original flavor longer.

» Nikka Coffee Grain Whiskey: Distilled in a Coffey still, this whisky has hints of vanilla and honey for a long, smooth finish.
» Hibiki Japanese Harmony: An excellent blended whisky with hints of orange, chocolate and caramel
» Yamazaki 12-year-old whiskey: From Japan’s oldest distillery, this single malt is a masterpiece with hints of citrus and a long finish.