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Refresh & Redo: 12.19.18

What kinds of fixtures work well in kids’ bedrooms and bathrooms?

One of the hottest bathroom fixture finishes right now is matte black. Parents love the look  for kids’ bathrooms because it is very stylish and doesn’t show spots or fingerprints. They also choose singlehanded faucets that are easy for little hands to operate and wall-mounted mirrors that tilt up as kids grow.

Showerheads mounted on a bar also are popular these days. The sprayer slides up and down on a bracket, and you can adjust the height as your children get taller. It’s a great choice for older kids and teens.

We also are seeing a lot of interest in vanities with a step that pulls out from the bottom so little kids easily can reach the sink; you can get them from companies like American Standard. Toilets with a one-piece tank and bowl work well for young families, too. The fixtures are easier to keep clean because there are no hard-to-reach crevices.

Deeper medicine cabinets are a great choice for teenagers’ bathrooms. Most cabinets are four inches in depth, but companies like Robern make models that are 6 and 8 inches deep to accommodate more grooming and health products. They can be installed with electrical outlets inside for curling irons and hair dryers, and they offer lots of room for makeup.
Leigh Suffian

We always say lighting is like ‘jewelry for the home,’ and there are lots of ways it can help kids’ rooms stand out. Lately, homeowners are going for decorating styles like midcentury modern and farmhouse, and it’s easy to find lighting options that are great for kids but also fit the rest of the home well.

Many people are choosing pendant lighting fixtures in sunburst styles that recall midcentury design, and mixed metals and black finishes have come on strong in recent years. All three of these concepts work well with trendy designs and bold colors in teenagers’ rooms.

There are lots of fun options for younger kids as well. Fixtures with balloon designs work well in nurseries, and there even are cute pink chandeliers for little girls and spider-like designs for boys.

Manufacturers also are creating lighting looks that transition easily from a young child’s room to a teen’s. These can be a good investment because they’re versatile and adaptable.

Using fun lamps with colorful shades is yet another way to introduce some interest into a child’s environment. Customers love mixing bright lampshades in yellow, pink, blush or blue with a gray or beige room color scheme.
Shanna Wilson
Wilson Lighting