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Refresh & Redo: 7.24.19

how can you remodel your mudroom to declutter and organize the space?

While modern mudrooms are a way to show off personal style, their purpose is still very much functional. They provide extra storage and keep your home looking neat and organized. It’s a tidy haven that makes the early morning rush to work and school far less hectic.

When you’re taking on a renovation project, we recommend starting with a clean slate. Then, consider how the space will be used. What does it need? For starters, a practical and purposeful mudroom needs to include sturdy flooring that can withstand the steady onslaught of outside debris. Although it’s more functional than fun, it should maintain a certain aesthetic. To achieve a fresh, minimal look, consider installing built-in storage features and lower-level finishes to draw the eye away from clutter.

Add some artwork to the walls so the space transitions effortlessly and beautifully into the living room, kitchen or foyer. Add in a midcentury wooden shoe bench or vintage water basin to liven up the surrounding area. When your mudroom shares space with another room, you also can add clever cabinetry and baskets to corral shoes and discreetly hide items. What’s most important is creating a space that suits your home and family. All it takes is some out-of-the-box thinking and purposeful planning.

Keith and Jeanne Liston
Liston Design Build

An organized and decluttered mudroom can change your life! The time it takes to find everything in the morning could be spent having a conversation with someone you love or relaxing for a few minutes before a hectic workday. When you have a place for everything and everything is in its place, your life is simplified.

The best mudroom designs have your unique lifestyle in mind. If you have a busy family with children in sports, we recommend specific spaces for bags, jackets, and dirty shoes or gear. You can organize school papers, backpacks and personal items by giving everyone a ‘locker’ or ‘mailbox.’ A well-designed mudroom with a bench to sit down and take off your shoes, a docking station for electronics and designated areas for keys, jackets, handbags and shoes would be perfect for any size family.

The most important aspect of an organized and decluttered mudroom is to purge. It’s best to take everything out of cabinets, cubbies, baskets and drawers and off hooks at least twice a year to sort through your items. It’s a great way to determine what needs to be donated, packed in your off-season storage area or placed in another part of the home so your beautiful mudroom doesn’t become a dumping ground.

Tiffany Hively
California Closets of St. Louis