36 Portland Place

Some spaces invite lingering. Located in a prime neighborhood and full of historic charm, 36 Portland Place is one such space. It’s easy to understand why the owners have stayed for more than two decades.

The home’s location in the Central West End offers the best of urban living. “Whatever the season, this is a wonderful home and neighborhood to live in,” the owners say. “A snowstorm would prompt a walk to the local grocery store, and we often rode bikes to Forest Park for a picnic, to play baseball, or to visit the zoo or one of the museums.”

The 101-year-old property has a limestone exterior with a wide front porch. Inside, plenty of windows let in natural light, and a flowing layout gives it a modern feel. “We especially liked the open feel of the floor plan,” say the owners. “Instead of many smaller rooms, there are fewer, but larger, spaces.” The home also features plenty of architectural details, including the kind of intricate crown molding and millwork you don’t often see in newer homes.

One prominent historic element is the backyard carriage house, originally a livery stable for the neighborhood, which still has horse stalls and feed bins. The structure adds to the privacy of the backyard, with its terraced garden beds and in-ground pool, say the owners, who recollect many pleasant afternoons there. “We never tired of it,” they say, describing the wisteria, trumpet vine and honeysuckle that attract butterflies and birds. “Even though this house is in the city, when we are by the pool, the backyard feels like vacation.”

While the couple loved to grill and dine in the yard, they also made good use of the glassed-in porch adjacent to the living room. “It has great views of Lake Avenue, Portland Place and our backyard, and it has sort of a treehouse feel,” they say. The home was also a popular hangout for the owners’ teenagers and their friends, who could often be found around the pool table in the third-floor ballroom that spans the width of the home.

Not only was 36 Portland Place an ideal family home, but it also facilitated entertaining, say the owners. “We did a lot of multi-generational entertaining here,” they explain. “Many birthday parties, swimming parties, Fourth of July parties, holiday dinners and elementary and high school graduation parties were celebrated here. Children performed plays on our front porch and many games of badminton and croquet were played in the front yard.”

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