• Hoping for a HomeMarch 21st, 2017

    name | midnight
    breed & age | Domestic shorthair, 8 years
    likes/dislikes | Likes playtime with a wand, lying in the window to people watch, sitting on laps; dislikes not …Read More

  • Problem Solved: Skin RenewalMarch 21st, 2017

    Much has been said recently about skin renewal, a broad term that covers skin rejuvenation, antiaging, and overall improvements to appearance through better skin quality. The …Read More

  • Develop Our PotentialMarch 21st, 2017

    Dear Homework,
    When we moved into our house 30 years ago, it was a lump of brown cedar. We are glad we painted it gray, but now we want to take things further. We like the white …Read More

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