550 Hunters Hill Drive, Chesterfield

from the homeowners | Nestled in Chesterfield, 440 Hunters Hill Drive comes not only with charm, but also a lot of history, having been built in 1922. Current homeowners, Kathy and Mike Boes, have loved the home for more than a decade. While it is bittersweet to pass it on to someone new, they are excited to share what makes the property so unique.

What attracted you to the property?
From the first time we saw it, we fell in love. We were looking to downsize because our kids were grown and had moved out. We saw the house and decided to look at it. We were sort of just being nosy because we didn’t plan on buying it. However, we realized that the space was suitable to our needs, even though it’s a large house. We decided to give it a try for around five years, and we ended up staying 12.

Do you know anything about the home’s history?
The house was a weekend home for the Kerckhoff family that owned Pevely Dairy. It was a polo getaway. This was the country back in the day, so people would keep ponies and have polo matches. We learned this from our neighbors who knew some of the history, and the knowledge has become beloved to us.

Have you made any major changes?
The property had been vacant for about five years, so we did have to do some work. We tried to keep it as original as possible. We made minor changes like painting and updating the electrical and plumbing as well as doing some landscaping. The bigger changes like converting the former stables and tack room into living space had been done in the 1980s.

How is the home for entertaining?
It’s wonderful. People love to gather in the cobblestone courtyard, especially in the spring and fall when the weather is nice. We held movie nights out there and even hosted a rehearsal dinner. Inside, there are a lot of gathering places as well. We used the former stables as a rec room, so people would spend time there as well as in the front room, kitchen and family room. We would regularly host Christmas parties with 100 guests, and it didn’t ever feel crowded.

What should the next homeowners know about the property?
The home is built in a way you don’t see anymore. Every room is a piece of English architecture, but it also has a rustic feel. It’s got solid bones, but it’s also a work of artistry. That’s the beauty of it.


from the agents
Who knew you could visit the English Cotswolds by way of Conway Road in Chesterfield!”
–J. Warner and Sam Hall

Price | $950,000
Listing Agents | J. Warner and Sam Hall | The Warner Hall Group
Agency | Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty
Phone | 314.795.9219 | 314.596.8069

Photos: Square One Media

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