Be Merry: The Gatesworth

For Cheryl Thomas, becoming a resident of The Gatesworth was about finding a way to live more vibrantly. Following the isolation of the pandemic, she wanted to get out of her house, connect with her peers and enjoy herself. “I’m an artist—I need space, and I need to be around others,” she notes. “I found it all here at The Gatesworth.” For 35 years, the senior living community has been dedicated to offering residents innovative services and a variety of amenities so they can remain active, happy and comfortable.

Thomas originally was not considering moving into a senior living community. The inspiration to do so came from a friend who had given up homeownership to be able to enjoy travel. “I envied her because she didn’t have attachments,” she explains. “I started looking online and found The Gatesworth. Within an hour, I was on the phone talking to Stacy Muehler, the director of leasing.” Thanks to another friend who already was a resident at the community, Thomas was able to get even more insight. “She told me it was the best thing she had ever done, but also recommended I check out other places just to be sure,” she says.

Taking her friend’s advice, Thomas did explore other options, touring several communities. However, she found they didn’t live up to her expectations. “They felt institutional; they didn’t have a homey, loving atmosphere,” she notes. “I felt like I was too young to be at these places. I walked into The Gatesworth and fell in love. It is so warm and friendly. The gardens are beautiful here, and I am an outdoors person. It’s like living in the botanical gardens or having your own private park. There are walking paths, water fountains and lakes, wildlife — it’s just wonderful!”

During the moving process, Thomas had some concerns about downsizing. Moving from a 3,000-square-foot home to a one-bedroom apartment, she assumed she would have to compromise when it came to bringing her art studio supplies, especially the large pieces. “The moving coordinator found a place for everything that was important to me, including my big easel,” she says. “I love my apartment. It’s been everything that I could ever wish for, and I feel completely unburdened here. The staff spoils me in ways I can’t get that anywhere else. This is the place to be.”

Living at The Gatesworth has kept Thomas active. She enjoys being able to continue her artwork while also engaging with new activities like book clubs, bingo and lectures on various topics. The ease of socialization is a major benefit she has found living in the community. “If you ever get lonesome in your apartment, all you have to do is open the door and you’ll see somebody you can immediately sit down with and start a conversation,” she notes. “There is way too much fun stuff to do, especially during the holidays! I have to give enormous credit to all of the staff and management who have made The Gatesworth so exceptional. You’re never lonely here, and your life is always full.”

Located at One McKnight Place, The Gatesworth offers residents a wide variety of ways to celebrate year-round, especially during the winter holidays. For more information, call 314.993.0111 or visit

Cover design courtesy of The Gatesworth
Cover photo by Gregg Goldman Photography

Pictured at top: Resident Cheryl Thomas with Santa
Photo courtesy of The Gatesworth

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