Beauty from A to Z: 12.1.22

The beauty world can be a little daunting to explore—from TikTok to high fashion runways, there are so many trends to follow that seem to be constantly changing. One day neon eyeshadow is all the rage, and the next more natural looks are everywhere. And it all comes with its own ever-evolving lingo. Here’s a look at what everyone was buzzing about in 2022.

Hair Filler
This term is used to describe a slew of products that promote fuller hair—from extensions and keratin treatments to permanent solutions for baldness and everything in between.

Space Buns
If Princess Leia is your style icon, this is the look for you. The hairstyle is characterized by two buns worn on the top of the head.

Gym Lips
A trend straight from TikTok. Makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell shared the minimal lip look she wears to the gym. It involves overlining with a liner close to your natural lip shade, filling them in with the same pencil and then layering on a nourishing treatment with a bit of gloss.

Dip Dye
This two-tone hair coloring technique leaves the hair dark at the roots while the ends are lighter or brightly colored. Unlike with balayage or other ombres, there is no blend between the colors.

Let out your inner kid! This trending aesthetic is defined by bright, bold colors and imaginative makeup application—think Lisa Frank but make it fashion.

Vampire Skin
Think more Twilight and less Dracula with the trend. The idea is to capture that Edward Cullen sparkle by mixing glitter into foundation for an all-over candescent complexion.

Long-time beauty fans are probably familiar with the superstar ingredient, but thanks to TikTok, niacinamide had a big 2022. This form of B-3 vitamin helps your skin grow its protective lipid barrier, helping it retain moisture. It also can help with redness, reduce the appearance of pores and regulate oil production.

Sticky Method
This application technique is used to ensure that makeup covers acne and dark spots. The process involves using grippy primer products and not blending concealer before applying foundation. This ensures that product stays put over the blemish and gives you more pigmented coverage.

Flip Bun
A mix of ponytail and bun, Kim Kardashian and her hairstylist, Chris Appleton, made this simple updo trend this fall. Easy to recreate, the style simply involves pulling your hair into a ponytail, and when you reach the final loop, don’t pull the hair all the way through. Instead, leave part of it sitting like a bun.

No, this has nothing to do with a visit to Starbucks—but it does use some of the same equipment. This viral hack uses a frother to change the consistency of beauty products.

Reverse Cut Crease
Flip the script on the traditional cut crease. This makeup look involves creating a regular cut crease and inverting the eyeshadow on the brow bone instead of leaving the area blank.

Butterfly Bridges
This makeup trend was big on runways in 2022. The look is achieved by blending eyeshadow along the crevices of the nose, the inner crescent of the eyes and bridge of the nose, bringing attention to the center of the face by creating a shape much like the wings of a butterfly.

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