Better Together: Styles We Love In Pairs

From lighting and decor to accent pieces and furniture, there are so many ways to achieve a symmetrical, balanced look and feel within your home. Some of our favorites are covered here, but don’t let this limit you to exploring the possibilities of pairs, big and small. These concepts can be applied when choosing artwork, bookcases, cabinets and even sectionals. Do what works for you.

Onto the good stuff! Here are a few ways doubling up on the right pieces can bring a perfect balance of style and functionality to your home.

1. Accent Chair with a Side Table: The Art of Pairing
The synergy between an accent chair and a table could be considered art all in itself. To achieve the perfect pairing, consider the balance between the chair’s base and the table’s legs or base. Mix and match finishes and shapes to add visual interest. If your chair is sleek and straight-lined, opt for a round side table to introduce softness and curves. The result? A harmonious union that elevates the style quotient of your space. Consider a chaise or chair and ottoman to add an elegant yet relaxing feel.

2. Matching Accent Chairs: Creating a Cozy Conversation Space
Two is especially better than one when it comes to creating the perfect space for conversation when company is over or while you’re relaxing with your family and friends. Whether in your living room or placed at the end of your bed, a pair of matching chairs (or chaises!) adds an inviting and relaxed tone to any space.

3. Ottomans: Functional and Versatile Pairs
Every home absolutely benefits from the versatility and charm of ottomans—and the secret lies in having them in pairs. These multifunctional pieces can be used as footstools or extra seating, catering to both adults and kids (and maybe the occasional pet). The beauty of ottoman pairs is they’re versatile and easily incorporated into your decor and lifestyle while adding a touch of beauty to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

4. Matching Sofas: Symmetry and Flexibility
Have you ever walked into a room and felt a sense of calm and balance? Matching sofas are such a perfect way to achieve just that. In smaller rooms, they optimize traffic flow and add a touch of symmetry that visually expands the space. The flexibility they offer is a game changer; you can effortlessly reconfigure the arrangement or move them into different rooms without missing a beat. It’s like having a dynamic duo that adapts to your ever-changing needs.

5. Bedroom & Table Lamps: Symmetry for Enhanced Balance
In the bedroom, where balance is key to creating a serene atmosphere, two table lamps are better than one. The enhanced symmetry not only adds a touch of sophistication but also contributes to a well-balanced mood. You’re not limited to just lamps to achieve this kind of ambiance and balance with your bedside lighting. Sconces and even pendants are excellent options, too. Go with what best reflects your style and personality.

6. Double Coffee Tables: Twice the Space and Visual Impact
The trend of double coffee tables is on the rise and for good reason. Not only does a matching pair of coffee tables make a bold visual statement, but it also addresses the challenge of scale in larger living rooms. Oversized coffee tables are in vogue, but you can achieve the same impactful look with smaller tables. Whatever shape, foundation or material, this dynamic duo not only serves as a functional centerpiece but also enhances the overall aesthetic of your living space.

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