Coastal Cowgirl

It seems there is always a new trend to report on. This one, coastal cowgirl, is a mix of the soothing linens and creams of the coastal look combined with leather, animal and Aztec elements. While the name is odd, the results are actually very appealing. See what you think!

The cowboy boot serves as a decorative accessory in this new design trend.

Antlers act as art pieces throughout coastal cowgirl, adding a natural element.

Western wall art, like this piece featuring horses on the open plain, set the tone.

This bedroom combines coastal elements (linens, clapboard walls, washed woods) and rugged touches.

This hallway is coastal white with ash wood floors, yet filled with all the “cowgirl” charm.

Iron light fixtures, modern leather stools, natural wood and whites are common elements of this new design trend.

Some might describe the style as Aspen meets Malibu as seen in this look.

This more modern take combines linen whites and natural wood beams with leathers and animal print pillows.

A great iteration of this new design concept: Soft and calming, yet rugged and one of a kind.

Natural fibers and leather play a big role in coastal cowgirl.

A hide rug (faux or real) is the centerpiece of many coastal cowgirl interiors. Here it is combined with coastal shiplap walls.

This rustic kitchen is light and dreamy while also feeling historic and hearty.

This room itself is built like a coastal cottage, but the decor details have a retro cowgirl feel.

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