Design Spotlight: Mediterranean

Whether you want to channel the cool blue waters of Santorini, the beautiful beaches of Ibiza or the rocky coastline of Capri, Mediterranean design is a way to bring a little piece of Europe into your home. This spin on coastal design is inspired by southern Europe, especially France, Italy and Spain. We’ve got some tips on how to achieve this laid-back, old world aesthetic—no matter how far you are from the seaside.

the hallmarks of mediterranean design
Mediterranean interior design focuses on indoor-outdoor living, natural materials and a minimalist approach to decorating. The style can be used to complement both classic and more contemporary design. Features found in older homes, like stone walls, exposed wood beams and tile floors, are a great match for the Mediterranean style, and these elements pair well with more modern furnishing to keep a home feeling current. Other key points include:

how to introduce it in your home
One of the easiest ways to embrace Mediterranean design is to follow the minimalist approach by decluttering your space. Paint is another great way to make a big change quickly. Opt for shades of white or cream, and don’t be afraid to embrace imperfections on walls to allow for added texture. You also can use white-wash to add texture and patina to walls and floors. Here are other changes you can make:

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