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Oh, the weather outside is frightful … you know the rest. There’s no better way to take off the autumn chill than curling up by a warm fire. Indoors or out, there are plenty of great options for fireplaces and hearth accessories to warm your home and your soul, including these favorites.

[sleek & modern]
The direct-vent Cosmo fireplace from Heat & Glow marries form and function, providing a warm glow in a sleek modern package that works in any room. “Heat & Glo fireplaces provide the opportunity to customize design with different media, decorative fronts, LED accent lights, best-in-class design, and great flame presentation,” says Rick Forshaw Jr. of Forshaw. (Pictured above; Photo: Forshaw)

[stylish storage]
If you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, look for a functional and stylish way to keep extra firewood handy, such as the striking Hopewell Copper Firewood Basket in solid antique copper on brass feet from Signature Hardware. Photo: Signature Hardware

[statement screen]
Ditch your plain fireplace screen in favor of something that makes more of a design statement, like the Lexington single-panel fireplace screen from Horchow. The ogee-patterned screen is handcrafted in iron with mesh backing and hand-painted in a burnished-gold finish. Photo: Horchow

[off center]
There is no rule that says a fireplace must be centered in a room or have a symmetrical mantel and hearth. Placing these off-center makes a more dramatic statement. In this home, modern architect Phil Durham of Studio Durham opted for an asymmetrical design to lead people toward the kitchen entrance. Photo: Alise O’Brien Photography[wrap around]
Let your fireplace do double duty with a wrap-around design that brings warmth and ambience to two rooms at once. This fireplace, built by Mosby Building Arts, multi-tasks in a kitchen and family room, acting as a divider and providing storage underneath, as well. Photo: Mosby Building Arts

[outdoor fireplace & hearth]
Consider adding a full outdoor fireplace and hearth to extend the use of your patio space, like this gorgeous one designed and built by Poynter Landscape Architecture and Construction. “Outdoor fireplaces are architectural elements and function as gathering places for the exterior, just like your fireplace and kitchen counter inside,” says Richard Poynter. Photo: Poynter Landscape Architecture and Construction

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