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Katie Rosenfeld showcases her signature grandmillennial style in this coastal-inspired cottage. Drawing inspiration from the essence of New England charm, Rosenfeld expertly layers bold and energetic patterns for an enchanting tapestry of spirited beauty.

Meet Maine Beach Cottage
As you wander through each room in this gorgeous seaside cottage, you are greeted by cheerful and personal details at every corner. This project is completely captivating, with layered art revealing a world of charm and sophistication. Although newly built, you’d never know it with the heirloom pieces, exquisite millwork and lived-in feel.

Basking in Blue
Hints of blue gracefully dance throughout every corner of this remarkable home. From the moment you approach the exterior, the eye-catching blue shake siding captures your attention, evoking a sense of authentic allure. Stepping inside, the living space showcases two blue accent chairs located for added comfort as well as a delightful burst of color. In the serene bedroom, a bright blue dresser takes center stage, effortlessly pulling the home’s entire design together with this captivating hue. A shower adorned with patterned blue tiles takes this approach even further and becomes a mesmerizing focal point in the bathroom, transforming the ordinary into an oasis.

A Splash of Sunshine
Carefully curated saturated yellow accents effortlessly weave warmth and joy into each room, ensuring that every corner of this home radiates with vibrancy. In the laundry room, yellow cabinetry immediately draws the eye, bringing an undeniable pop of color and transforming the mundane task of chores into a delightful experience. This cheerful pop of color is repeated in the guest bedroom with a boldly bright yellow dresser and checkered quilt to create the ultimate cozy and inviting space.

A Paradise of Patterns
From the lively patterned throw pillows to the mantle’s sun-design etchings, each detail weaves together to create a harmonious blend of coastal charm and cheerful patterns. Textured fabrics in serene hues effortlessly come together, embracing the essence of coastal living with a touch of grandeur.

Captivating Coastal Design
Whisking us away to paradise, Rosenfeld creates a visual symphony that evokes a sense of seaside bliss. From the carefully curated yellows that radiate warmth to the coastal patterns and pops of brasses and golds throughout, every detail has been thoughtfully crafted and curated for cozy coastal living.

Design: Katie Rosenfeld & Co. | Photos: Read McKendree

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