Hooked on Books + More: 5.17.23

Code Gray by Farzon Nahvi | Written by an ER doctor, this book takes you behind the scenes of a level 1 trauma center. It starts with how emergency departments handled the pandemic and then moves on to everyday people and their hospital visits. Since I act like I am a doctor sometimes, I found the book extremely interesting, and it is a very quick read.

Healing After Loss by Martha Hickman
This book was recommended by a friend after the loss of my brothers. It has daily essays that really do help those who are grieving. It’s not a book anyone wants to have to read, but it sure helps those in need.

The Girl in the Blue Mustang (Dateline NBC Podcast)
If it is Dateline, you know it is murder! This seven part podcast spans nearly 20 years to find the killer of an 18 year-old woman. The podcast takes you through the investigation, the trial and subsequent release of a wrongly convicted man. Keith Morrison is the narrator and brings his signature style to the podcast.

Love is Blind (Netflix)
What a guilty pleasure! Can you fall in with someone you’ve never laid eyes on and have only interacted with through a wall? Thirty people try their luck on season four of this series. I am not sure if I actually gained any knowledge, but I sure enjoyed the show!

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