How to Style Your Home Like An Expert

Let’s play a game. Think of your absolute favorite space you’ve seen. Is it a cozy farmhouse kitchen featuring the sweetest cake stand ever? What about a relaxed living room with the perfect sea-grass baskets you just can’t seem to find online? The one thing these dreamy spaces have in common are the perfect finishing touches. Furniture lays the foundation of a beautiful home, but without that extra decor, it’s like a cake with no frosting. Sure, you have the main components, but what about those sweet details we all crave? Below, we break down everything we know about styling and adding those essential finishing touches.

tell your story
We’ll be straight with you: there is no fun in styling for styling’s sake! The pieces that inhabit your home should be intentional and tell the story of your life, your travels and the people you love. When our clients ask us to incorporate their own special pieces into their home, we get excited because it gives us the chance to help them tell their story.

It is our firm belief that your surroundings can improve your happiness. This is even more important now that we are all spending more time at home than we used to. Making the effort to surround yourself with happy memories can alleviate stress and anxiety while increasing the beauty of your home.

where should you start?
Are you ready to style your home but not sure where to start? Consider your most high-traffic spaces. Where do you spend the most time and how do you feel in that room? We suggest focusing on your entryway, dining room and any shelving, built-in or otherwise. We also love a good entryway. After all, it’s the first and last impression your home makes. Make it a good one with a console table moment that sets the tone for your home. Show off your creative side with that art piece you’ve been meaning to hang or an image that is special to your family.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve found ourselves in our kitchens and dining rooms a lot more often this year. These can be some of the most lively places in a home, so bring more life in with a gorgeous vase full of fresh flowers. We love collecting wildflowers on our hikes and pairing them with an elegant vase to create that perfect burst of wild beauty.

When it comes to styling shelves, we know a blank canvas can be scary. Shelves often take up a lot of real estate, and you can feel pressured to fill every nook and cranny. We are here to tell you that your shelves don’t have to be overflowing to be well styled. Instead, give each piece breathing room to really stand out. Upcycle some old books by painting their covers and styling them with your favorite little vases or sculptural pieces. This will create a cohesive look that will balance the space rather than overwhelm it.

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Photo: Emily Sewell

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