Lucky 13!

This year, Town&Style is turning 13! It’s an accomplishment our team is immensely proud of and grateful for—we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without the support of our community. To commemorate our lucky No. 13, we’re doing what we do best: sharing the best of St. Louis. Here are 13 of the wonderful local institutions that also are reaching major milestones in 2024.


bellefontaine cemetery & arboretum 
Founded in 1849, the nonprofit, non-denominational cemetery is home to a number of historically significant monuments, including the Louis Sullivan-designed Wainwright Tomb. Its arboretum includes more than 180 species of trees and shrubs.

chatillon-demenil mansion
Located in Benton Park, the house has been home to many prominent St. Louis figures, including a director of the 1904 World’s Fair. While today it stands as an example of Late Greek Revival architecture, the property began as a two-story, brick farmhouse that completed construction in 1849.


st. louis public library
While the library began as a member-only institution known as the Public School Library of St. Louis in 1865, it was in 1874 that it truly became open to the public.


saint louis art museum
The museum started as the Saint Louis School and Museum of Fine Arts—founded in 1879, this year marks its 145th anniversary. The iconic Forest Park landmark, however, became what we know it as today with the construction of the Palace of the Fine Arts for the 1904 World’s Fair.


nerinx hall
Founded in 1924, the Catholic college-preparatory school has been dedicated to educating the young women of St. Louis for a century. It originally operated out of the Lockwood family home in Webster Groves and moved into its current location in 1954—another
big anniversary at 70 years.

missouri baking co.
This family-owned Italian bakery has been providing The Hill with its signature sweet treats and other baked goods for 100 years. It was originally founded as a wholesale bread company by Stefano Gambaro, who had immigrated from northern Italy.


national museum of transportation
With planes, trains and automobiles, the museum is recognized as the largest collection of transportation vehicles in the world. Founded in 1944, its rail and transit collections have grown to more than 190 major exhibits.


grant’s farm
Established as a private deer farm for the Busch family 121 years ago, it first opened to the public in 1954. The destination allows visitors to meet the iconic Budweiser Clydesdales among other animals, such as emus, camels, macaws, donkeys and goats.


craft alliance
The nonprofit has been enriching our community through the power of contemporary craft, art and design since 1964.

imo’s pizza
The world was introduced to the “square beyond compare” six decades ago. The pizzeria responsible for St. Louis-style pizza was opened by Ed and Margie Imo in south St. Louis in 1964.


st. louis walk of fame
The inaugural 10 stars and plaques were placed in 1989, representing Chuck Berry, Katherine Dunham, James B. Eads, T.S. Eliot, Scott Joplin, Charles A. Lindbergh, Stan Musial, Vincent Price, Joseph Pulitzer and Tennessee Williams. Since then, more than 160 have been added to the Delmar Loop.


st. louis symphony orchestra in unison choir
Founded in 1994, the choir was originally created for one performance but was quickly made a permanent ensemble. Composed of volunteer singers, it performs a variety of musical styles, with a focus on the preservation of music from the African diaspora.


saint louis fashion fund
Since 2014, Saint Louis Fashion Fund has celebrated and promoted our city’s rich fashion history while expanding its impact in the industry. Dedicated to revitalizing the Garment District, the nonprofit supports emerging designers and promotes fashion education and outreach in the community.

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