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There is an undeniable appeal to transforming a space into something new—especially when it’s your home. The urge to take the plunge and tackle a large-scale renovation may be common, but most people don’t have the expertise to take it on by themselves. Since the company was founded in 1984, Liston Design Build has helped hundreds of clients create their dream homes through close attention to detail and focus on high-quality workmanship.

As its name implies, Liston Design Build uses the design-build method, which means it works with clients under a single contract to provide both construction and design services. This way, homeowners avoid the hassle of juggling multiple contractors and a separate design team. “When we’re designing a project, we’re already building it in our heads,” director of design Andrea Liston-Jones says. “One of the biggest benefits is that we make sure all of our ideas are feasible because we do the research in the planning phase. There’s no tearing down a wall and finding a surprise. The entire process is streamlined from start to finish.”

Like so many industries, home remodeling and construction has encountered supply chain issues due to the pandemic. With more than 35 years of experience, Liston Design Build has been able to successfully navigate these hurdles thanks to the strong working relationships it has formed with suppliers. “Before we start construction, we make sure we can get the materials in time,” Liston-Jones notes. “We order months in advance so that we don’t have to interrupt the build process to wait for anything. That way we can ensure you are back into your newly updated spaces as quickly as possible.”

According to Liston-Jones, homeowners are moving away from darker tones and tending to opt for lighter, airy spaces. “Kitchens and baths play a huge role in your daily life, so keeping things fresh and bright can bring new life into a home,” she says. A Liston Design Build bathroom remodel in Town and Country illustrates the company’s approach to creating timeless, inviting spaces. With a dated Tuscan-inspired design, the room was stuck in the early 2000s. There also was an awkward vanity space and a closed-off shower that did not match the spa-like oasis the homeowners wanted.

Liston Design Build created a new double vanity with more storage and a separate makeup area. The shower was updated to full glass, opening the space and showcasing the high quality materials brought in with the remodel. “We used a bright, monochromatic color palette to enhance the serene nature of the space,” Liston-Jones explains. “Polished nickel and gold accents brought in warmth, and we used beautiful Carrara marble throughout. We picked a hexagon pattern to bring the design into the 21st century while still maintaining a timeless look.”

Starting a remodeling project may be a daunting prospect, but Liston Design Build works hard to offer its clients peace of mind during the transition. “We’re like your sounding board through every step of the process,” Liston-Jones says. “It can be intimidating to go into a showroom and pick materials on your own, but we’re here to help you. We ensure your project is as stress-free as possible.”

Liston Design Build specializes in high-quality home remodeling projects including kitchens, baths, basements and additions. Pictured on the cover: A Liston Design Build bathroom remodel. For more information, call 636.940.9417 or visit

Cover courtesy of Liston Design Build

Pictured at top: A Liston Design Build bathroom remodel in Town and Country
Photo courtesy of Liston Design Build

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