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My Messy Mom Life: 5.5.21

In honor of Mother’s Day this month, I thought it would be fun to share some of the best advice from moms across St. Louis!

I’m starting, of course, with my mom, the queen of making all things special. Her advice has always been to pay attention to the details: “When you pay attention to the details, you make things special, you make people feel special, and that’s important.” And I can truly say my mom has made endless special moments in my life and my kids’ lives. I love you, mom!

Here’s some other great advice from fabulous moms around town. Happy Mother’s Day!

“My mom always said ‘nothing good happens after midnight.’ And I think she’s generally correct.”
—Erin Hodges & her mom Melinda

“If someone is gossiping with you, they also are gossiping about you—except your mama. You always can gossip with your mama.”
—Sallie Barbeau & Jacqueline Hampton

“Creating a sense of community is inherently important. Establishing those deep bonds with a solid group of people anchors you.”
—Alexandra Nagel-Conely & Mary Nagel

“Smile. Even when you don’t feel like it. Eventually you’ll feel like smiling.”
—Jennifer Ragan & her grandma Florine O’Ryan

“Slow down, put your phone down and enjoy him being little.”
—Sarah Cohen & her late mom Donna Marie Cohen

“Brush your hair and put some eye makeup on.”
—Leah Johnson & Yvonne Sostman

“‘Don’t marry him!’ I listened to her advice and ended up marrying the man of my dreams.”
—Jennifer Stock & Susan Zeltmann

“The morning is smarter than the evening. In other words, sleep on it.”
—Natasha Lantz with her mom & sisters.

“They may not remember what you did for them or with them, but they will always remember how you made them feel.”
—Tiffany Donahue & Rhonda Bregg

Katelyn Young is a local mom of three (her #crumblycrew) who shares real moments of motherhood as it relates to fashion, food and fun! Follow her on Instagram @_katelynyoung_ or follow her blog at

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