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Parc Provence

Parc Provence, a community specializing in the care and well-being of seniors with Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions that cause memory loss, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. “No matter what stage of dementia our residents are experiencing, we treat them as individuals, with dignity and respect,” says administrator Tracy Cecil. “Just because they’ve received a diagnosis doesn’t mean their journey has ended. It’s simply a new chapter. Our expert caregivers develop a unique plan for each resident based on their cognitive level, health, habits, experiences and interests. We maximize their quality of life in every way possible—physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.”

Parc Provence honors the past by celebrating it in the present. “Working closely with residents’ families, we create moments of joy based on whatever was most meaningful to them before they were diagnosed,” Cecil says. “Each has a unique life story we strive to honor.” When two longtime residents celebrated their 54th anniversary by renewing their vows, for example, “We made sure they had the same flowers and music they had at their original wedding—even their best man and maid of honor attended!” she recalls. “It was a special day for all of us.” The community is renowned for its innovative approach. “Without interaction and purposeful activities, physical, emotional and cognitive health rapidly decline,” Cecil notes. “We focus on what residents can still do, not on what they’ve lost. We make the most of their abilities at every stage by offering more than 80 personalized programs each day designed to keep them mentally and physically active as long as possible.” If residents always loved art, music or gardening, they can continue those pursuits at whatever level works for them, or they can explore new interests, she explains. Residents are grouped with others of similar cognitive abilities and needs, she adds. “This gives them a vital sense of independence and engagement with others. We build on their strengths and abilities, and we do it in a secure, warm, homelike environment.”

The community’s 10th anniversary celebration includes a party for residents and their families, as well as renovations and additions at its Creve Coeur campus. “We’re updating some of our living and common areas and also building a billiards and game room for residents,” Cecil says. “Everything we do is a response to their needs. We didn’t have Wi-Fi 10 years ago, but we do now!” Parc Provence has been considered a leader in its field for more than a decade. “Our person-centered focus stands as a benchmark for memory-care communities locally and nationally,” Cecil says. “Families want their loved ones to have the best possible care. They can rest assured, no matter what stage of dementia their relative is experiencing, we are making the most of their journey. Everyone has potential. Everyone has the right to a meaningful life. That’s what we’re fighting for. We hope to continue helping residents and their families for many decades to come.”

Photo by Parc Provence
Pictured: A resident couple celebrated their anniversary by renewing their vows

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