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Refresh & Redo: 3.27.19

what are some ways to incorporate spring colors into your home? Most people think of spring colors as mostly pastels, but I love the bright pinks, reds, oranges and yellows of tulips and daffodils. For me, they really say spring is here! So don’t be afraid of color with a capital ‘C’ when you bring a little of the season into your home.

Two of the easiest ways to add color to a room are with accessories and paint. For a less expensive route, add a few pillows and a throw, and paint an accent wall. These features are easy to change seasonally or as you tire of one specific color.

If you want to spent a little more money and make a huge statement, use wallpaper on an accent wall. In this very neutral guest bedroom (pictured at top), we added soft pink pillows, a shocking pink throw and a bright, graphic wallpaper (Cole & Son’s Geometric II Book, Delano pattern). Paper with a bold pattern easily can overwhelm a room if used on all four walls, but an accent wall is the perfect option for a geometric pattern. There is nothing boring about this room now.

Marcia Moore, owner
Marcia Moore Design

Uncertain of what shades to bring into your decor this spring? Here are some color trends that are heating up in 2019.

Bright coral. Energizing and uplifting, Living Coral is the Pantone color of the year, and it’s likely on everyone’s design radar. For a unique twist, bring orange and pink components into a space instead of just applying one hue.

Pale pinks. Thanks to their neutral properties and compatibility with other colors, these shades are expected to be everywhere this spring.

Sunny yellows. Take this trend straight from the runway and into your home. The optimistic hue pairs well with pinks, blues and beiges.

Electric citrus. Along with lemon yellows, bright oranges and lime greens are a playful way to add more extreme colors to a space.

Bold aqua. Coral isn’t the only shade earning color-of-the-year status. HGTV Home by Sherwin Williams went with the vivid cyan Reflecting Pool as its choice.

Saturated hues. Take advantage of the sunshine in spring and summer, and experiment with darker shades. Forest greens, navy blues and charcoal grays add dramatic flair to rooms with a lot of natural light.

Source: Elle Decor

Photo at top: Suzy Gorman

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