Revolutionizing the Market: The Realty Shop St. Louis

Looking at the ownership of a company can often tell you a great deal about the kind of service you can expect from it. Amanda Alejandro-Steinback, owner and president of The Realty Shop St. Louis, is committed to reshaping the local real estate market through innovative technology, fresh thinking and comprehensive services. The company, which is part of Vue Enterprises, is committed to making every aspect of the business more manageable for both clients and agents.

Alejandro-Steinback is excited to have been able to grow her business in the St. Louis area thanks to different opportunities at both the state and local levels. “There are so many people doing innovative work here, not just in real estate but also in tech and Web3,” she notes. “It’s exciting to be a part of it. However, the corporate space is still a very male dominated field. When you’re a woman sitting in the C-suite or taking your place in the boardroom, others can question you in ways they won’t your male peers. To rise to the challenge, I’ve dedicated myself to building a strong foundation, showing up for everything and seizing opportunities.”

The drive and passion that Alejandro-Steinback brings to her work is evident in the success of The Realty Shop. The company has steadily increased its market share, and Alejandro-Steinbeck herself is ranked among the top agents in the state. “I’ve been able to succeed, and I hope that shows other women what they can do,” she says.

Diversification is the name of the game at The Realty Shop and Vue Enterprises. That refers to both the leadership and the services offered. Alejandro-Steinback credits the company’s success to working with people with diverse perspectives. “While I’m so proud to be a female leader, I didn’t want to create an entirely female culture,” she says. “Working with people from different backgrounds only strengthens a business and expands how it approaches problems and finds solutions.”

Along with buying and selling homes, The Realty Shop offers mortgage, title and insurance services. Alejandro-Steinback notes this provides agents the chance to build skills in different areas, offering them a more rounded approach to the business of real estate. “I work with two clients: our customers and our agents,” she explains. “For the latter, I don’t want to pigeonhole them into one aspect of business. We provide opportunities to grow proportionally across multiple offerings. This in turn allows our clients to work with highly educated agents who are experts in the field. We are so much more than just sales people.”

Advancing the local landscape is something Alejandro-Steinback is passionate about. Along with its wide variety of real estate services, Vue Enterprises also has a Web3 presence and is involved in the highly lucrative crypto market. “I’ve been in real estate for 16 years, but I’ve been an entrepreneur all of my life,” Alejandro-Steinback says. “With drive and innovation, we’ve created an ecosystem for success. We do more than just selling homes. The Realty Shop and Vue Enterprises really are ahead of their time.”

The Realty Shop St. Louis, a division of Vue Enterprises, is a full-service, Creve Coeur-based real estate brokerage that provides turnkey client services. Pictured on the cover: Owner and president Amanda Alejandro-Steinback. For more information, call 314.372.0324 or visit

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo courtesy of The Realty Shop St. Louis

Pictured at the top: Owner and president Amanda Alejandro-Steinback
Photo courtesy of The Realty Shop St. Louis

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