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Self-Care in A Time of Self-Isolation

Ever since COVΙD-19 upended the globe, self care has never been more important. Finding solace in even the simplest daily tasks can make a big impact on our overall mental health. There are plenty of ways to continue to take care of yourself while on lockdown. Here are five wellness rituals to incorporate into your daily routine (or lack thereof) that will make self isolation feel a little more manageable.

Around my fifth day on lockdown, I accidentally discovered the benefits of aromatherapy. I dropped rosemary oil into my humidifier after a particularly stressful day of WFH and rubbed the residual oil on my temples. It made a drastic, sudden difference in my mood and lingering headache. While we may not be able to stop and smell the roses right now, a little aromatherapy can provide a temporary escape.

Maintaining a certain level of physical activity is important—pandemic or not. But you don’t have to participate in the latest Tik Tok challenge or dedicate yourself to Ironman training. Stretching is a simple way to boost endorphins, prevent cramps and soreness, and break up your couch time! If you’re lucky enough to be at home with someone, have them join.

order something new
Remember that serum you’ve been meaning to order? Or that beauty routine you promised yourself you would start on Jan. 1? There’s no time like the present to pay a little extra attention to your skin. For those who wear makeup daily, take a break and focus on skin care. It will not only lead to a better complexion, but it also will help maintain a sense of normalcy when life feels like anything but.

reorganize your beauty products
Maybe your beauty cabinet is a mess, or maybe there are products you’ve been meaning to toss. Use this at-home time to get around to these chores. So many influencers have completely reorganized their beauty cabinets to Marie Kondo-like perfection. You don’t have to make yours look like The Container Store, but getting organized is a great way to lighten your load, both mental and material.

breathing exercises
Taking the necessary steps to strengthen your immune system has never been more important. A good night’s rest, staying hydrated, and self-isolating are givens, but there are other immune-boosting exercises that can help. The Wim Hof Method is a regimen that includes breathing exercises meant to increase blood flow, improve sleep and reduce stress. His breathing technique is simple. Find the instructions online, or download the
Wim Hof app.

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