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St. Louisans likely will be spending more time at home for the foreseeable future, and high-end property owners are responding by making their dream homes even dreamier. Andrea Liston-Jones, director of design at Liston Design Build, says there is a push to update luxury properties with creative spaces that bring families together.

“People seem to value their homes even more than they used to,” she notes. “These days, owners are willing to invest in making existing spaces more inviting. Homes in many neighborhoods are selling fast, and often for more than the asking price, so it can be a challenge to find something new that fits their needs. I think many people are realizing that it makes practical sense to update and appreciate what they already have.”

A desire for functionality and family fun seems to be the driving force behind luxury renovation projects, according to Liston-Jones, who notes that many different types of living spaces are getting makeovers. “Entertaining usually revolves around the kitchen these days, so areas like formal dining rooms are not as important as they used to be,” she explains. “They can be transformed into practical space with all kinds of uses. We have been getting a lot of requests to turn them into offices or study rooms. Owners also want to expand their kitchens because more family members are at home, and they are eating together more often.”

Liston-Jones says owners are revamping basements and backyard patios as well. “People want to escape from reality without having to leave home,” she says. “We are getting a lot of requests for outdoor kitchens with pizza ovens, fireplaces and grills. Screened porches and covered patios are very popular, too. So are lower-level movie theaters, fitness rooms and workstations.”

In fact, she says, many people are giving their basements a new ‘central hub’ layout with custom desks and built-in fixtures for all ages. “We enjoy creating spaces where adults and children have their own environments, but they are not cut off from each other because the open floor plan is not compromised,” she notes. “It just takes some planning to balance the kid-friendly and adult-friendly zones.” For example, clients might request a basement bar area, wine room or home gym for Mom and Dad, plus a TV room, theater or game room for the whole family to enjoy.

“Whether they are spending time indoors or outdoors, luxury homeowners want to turn off the outside world, relax and unwind with their families at the end of the day,” Liston-Jones says. “There are lots of ways to achieve practicality and privacy while allowing everyone to be together.”

colorful schemes
Liston-Jones says her company is seeing some interesting trends in colors and finishes for high-end interior renovation projects. Here are some of the most popular:

Photos: Anne Matheis

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