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Spotlight: Jet Linx

Even amidst the global pandemic, private aviation has continued to offer safe and secure solutions to travel. The industry now leads the way in the revival of the travel industry as a whole through creative partnerships and collaborations that offer seamless end-to-end journeys – a reason to take to the skies.

Jet Linx Aviation, a locally-focused private jet company, further expanded its Elevated Lifestyle (EL) client benefits program throughout 2020 and early 2021, curating new relationships with special incentives for only Jet Linx Jet Card members and aircraft owners – and a focus on distanced, exclusive accommodations in sought-after destinations.

“We are conscious that the desire to travel has not waned during the pandemic,” noted Tom Buffington, Jet Linx St. Louis president. “What increased was the desire to know you are safe during travel, and well cared for at your destination. The partnerships our Company developed throughout the pandemic focus on the core client desire to feel safe, and offer escapism and wonder outside of crowded, public spaces.”

In September 2020, Jet Linx first launched a new program designed to provide complete peace of mind through a plane-to- pillow travel experience – the Elevated Lifestyle Preferred Hotel Program. This first-in-industry program brings together over 70 luxury hotels worldwide into a shared benefits program, with special rates and other accommodations for Jet Linx clients. These partner properties offer the highest standards in both luxury and guest safety, with over 6,900 standard rooms and 630 private villas represented within the program.

“Plus, our clients enjoy complimentary booking assistance via our dedicated Hotels Concierge Team,” Buffington noted, “meaning our members and owners enjoy excellence in service from their Jet Linx jet to their stay at any of our respected hotel program partners. There is simply no other program out there that affords such confidence in truly turnkey luxury travel.”

Other new EL partners include the Dormie Network, offering private tee times and accommodations at six private golf courses nationwide, and Embark Beyond, a bespoke travel agency partner poised to offer trip planning support to round out a perfect private jet trip. “The partners in our program truly compliment the private jet lifestyle,” Buffington continued. “Our partnership team looks for quality, comfort, and adherence to the highest possible safety standards – just as our Jet Linx team provides on each and every flight.”

Jet Linx has always prioritized safety, earning the three highest levels of safety ratings in the private aviation industry. The Company continued to adapt to concerns raised by the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing protocols and procedures to provide an even more sanitary environment to give clients peace of mind when traveling.

By using member-only private aviation terminals with smaller teams and bypassing long security lines at commercial airports, Jet Linx achieves greater social distancing than commercial carriers. “We took a look at every one of the touchpoints where we need to interact with customers, and we asked ourselves, ‘Is this necessary?’” said Buffington.

Jet Linx also remains the first and only operator in the worldwide aviation industry to utilize and regularly reapply the BIOPROTECTUsTM System for long-term antimicrobial protection in each of its 19 private, client-only terminals and fleet of jet aircraft. Two Centers of Excellence of the Global Virus Network proved the system’s antimicrobial formulation kills and provides residual surface protection against SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19) for longer than six weeks.

With all of these added safety measures, Jet Linx still maintains the highest level of personalized service, catering to its clients’ specific needs and learning their likes and dislikes for a truly customized flight experience. “Our goal is that you never have to ask – we have everything there for you, whether it’s your favorite candy or the kind of nuts you like waiting at your seat,” Buffington says. “Couple that service with incredible partnerships, and you have a great reason to fly.”

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