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Spotlight: The Realty Shop

The Realty Shop President and owner Amanda Alejandro started the firm in 2018 with her partner and Vue Enterprises CEO Jay Steinback with a focus on the success of company, agent and client alike, ensuring a culture of support and success for all. As an award-winning agent with more than 15 years experience, Alejandro was frustrated by the holes left by traditional, big-box brokerage models and had a vision for a different kind of company—one where a customer-first focus is backed by local expertise and where technology and innovation are leveraged to maximize agent success and client satisfaction.

“I designed The Realty Shop against the grain—against the fractures of the flat fee company model as well as the traditional brokerage,” she says. “Real estate has one of the highest fail-out rates of any industry because many brokerages don’t have a culture of success. I really wanted to create an environment for people like me to thrive. I took everything that I didn’t want or like that happened to me and did the exact opposite when creating the company.”

This unique approach has helped grow The Realty Shop from a small firm to ranking among the top brokerages in the St. Louis market and the state of Missouri in just a few short years. The Realty Shop prides itself on being a one-stop shop for not only real estate clients, but also for its team of agents, providing them with all the resources, training and mentorship needed to make their career a success.

It starts at the top with the leadership team—all of whom have a minimum of 10,000 hours experience in their area of expertise. “Ninety-three percent of our sales are generated by the leadership team here, which is practically unheard of,” Alejandro says. “This allows our agents to do what they do best: be out meeting customers and selling homes instead of worrying about what is happening on the back end. As a leadership team, we ensure only the best sources are implemented, resulting in higher agent and company success.”

The investment in each staff member promotes incredible client relationships and outstanding achievements. With a robust mentorship program focused on one-on-one agent learning, The Realty Shop creates an atmosphere of continued knowledge and growth. Agents are trained in all aspects of the real estate transition including both the buy and sale processes to ensure their knowledge and expertise meet client needs and demand—all leading to a five-star client experience with trusted real estate experts.

“We provide each agent the tools to take their real estate career to the next level—allowing them to truly show their love for this amazing career field,” Alejandro says.

12395 Olive Blvd, Ste. 200, Creve Coeur

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