Trend Report from L.A.: 5.2.18

yoga for two
Combining yoga, thai massage and acrobatics, AcroYoga has been gaining popularity throughout L.A. and beyond. A full body workout that requires two people, it’s as fun as it is effective. One person acts as the base and the other, the flyer. For certain positions, a spotter is needed. The base lies on his or her back and supports the flyer (the person who is being moved into various acrobatic positions). It’s a great workout for not only building muscle, but trust and confidence as well.

cuckoo for coco
The Chanel Beauty House pop up sets itself apart from the latest influx of pop-up museums thanks to its more interactive setting. After posing in front of a pearl-filled bathtub or neon pink bedroom to create the perfect ‘shelfie,’ guests choose one of five tents divided by color to meet one-on-one with a Chanel makeup artist and try on lipstick shades of their choosing. It’s the perfect way to customize the beauty product experience and indulge in the beautifully chic world of Chanel.

health conscious
St. Louis has The Smokehouse Market, Los Angeles has Erewhon. A local organic grocer that has been a staple for health-conscious Angelenos for more than 50 years, Erewhon is like The Smokehouse on steroids. The mom-and-pop shop hasn’t sold out to major grocer conglomerates and prides itself on carrying only the highest quality produce and products, all ethically and sustainably produced. And giving back to the community is its core mission. From Erewhon’s Energizer Bowl packed with goji berries, bee pollen and cacao nibs to its famous salmon wraps, it’s L.A.’s one-stop-shop for healthy food.

israeli influence
L.A. has one of the largest Israeli communities in the country, and the local cuisine is a direct reflection of that. Kabob houses are a dime a dozen here and have been for the better part of three decades. Recently, L.A. kicked up its Israeli food game with restaurants like Mh Zh and Jaffa. With more Israeli-inspired restaurants opening up throughout the city, it’s a safe bet this culinary renaissance will continue to keep the West Coast locale on the foodie map for a while. Take note StL.

blast from the past
Nostalgia brands have swept through L.A. storefronts from Silver Lake to Venice. Remember your Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirt from grade school or the Guess backpack you had to have in high school? Well, they’re cool again, and if L.A. street style is any indication, there’s no stopping this trend. Thanks to supermodels like Gigi Hadid lending their ‘it’ girl status to brands synonymous with ‘90s style, it’s time to dig out your old gear! If you didn’t save your favorite Champion hoodie or camo cargo pants, fear not. These revitalized brands are as wallet friendly as they were during the Clinton administration.

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