Unveiling the 2024 Interior Design Trends

Trends are often thought of as fleeting fads, when our homes should be timeless reflections of our unique styles and personalities. That’s why we’re especially excited to present this year’s popular styles. From vibrant colors to scalloped details that add a touch of old-world charm, you can easily incorporate these trends in a timeless way that’s all your own.


1. Hello Yellow
Is there a hue that exudes more joy than yellow? From vibrant and bold to subtly muted, yellow adds a touch of cheerfulness that transcends time. Whether you’re diving headfirst with a patterned wallpaper or testing the waters with a few accent pillows, the warmth of yellow can infuse a room with an infectious energy. A little goes a long way, too.


2. Tapestries + Murals that Tell a Story
Picture this: A getaway to the English countryside within the confines of your own space. Enter tapestries, murals and art that transport you. Hung, framed, wallpapered or painted, tapestries and murals are a surefire way to make a statement. We often see the murals in dining rooms and children’s spaces, but I love the unexpected feel in an office. They provide that collected piece that can make a powerful statement and can fill a wall for impact. The texture the piece brings into the space can be felt immediately.


3. Ready for Red?
Taylor Swift’s classic lip color isn’t just for pop anthems; it’s making a bold comeback in our homes. From vibrant reds to deep mulberries, this color palette offers a spectrum of possibilities. If your home is more transitional or modern, go for the deeper shade, and it will feel striking and interesting in the best of ways. If you are more on the traditional maximalist side, go for that bright red hue for an instant lift and pop.


4. Ruffles, Scallops and Fabric, Oh My!
Femininity is here, and here’s how we feel about it: The more pattern, ruffle and scallops, the better! From furniture to fabric (even a combination of both), embrace the delightful drama of scalloped edges, turning everyday pieces into timeless treasures. We’re used to seeing this with the more traditional homes, but it is definitely making its way into the more transitional and even modern interiors. Scallops are being added to furniture and giving pieces such a unique and interesting feel—as if they have been around for years and years.


5. Equestrian Style
The ’90s are responsible for a lot of things, and with much of the decade’s fashion back in style, it’s no surprise the classic, preppy and traditional equestrian style is trending again. Especially with icons like Ralph Lauren who continuously hit this style out of the park. Think leathers, horse art, plaid, checked, brass, cognac leathers and rich dark woods.


6. Canopy Beds
Sleeping sanctuaries are getting a makeover with the return of canopy beds. They serve beautifully as a statement piece in a bedroom. And from modern to traditional, there are so many ways to add your own personal flare when choosing a canopy bed for your bedroom.

Continuing in 2024 …


7. Brown Extends Its Reign.
Building upon a prediction we made last year, warm colorways like brown, beige and creams persist in dethroning the stark whites and grays. From upholstery to walls, rugs, accents and more, there are so many inspiring ways to hop on this trend in your own home.


8. Statement Marble
Ah, the enduring allure of marble. This trend continues to stand the test of time and firmly holds its place as a favorite in 2024. We’re seeing it in bathrooms, kitchen spaces and even transcending into commercial spaces, statement marble is making waves as a designer favorite, year after year.

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