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A Monster with a Thousand Heads

Who hasn’t felt a little murderous rage when dealing with insurance companies? This thriller from Mexican director Rodrigo Plá takes that common experience and pushes it to the extreme. The fast-paced, artsy film tells the story of a Mexico City housewife, Sonia (Jana Raluy), who takes on the health insurance company that is refusing her husband, who is dying from cancer, a necessary treatment. When she confronts and is shot down by layer after layer of higher-ups in the monstrous bureaucratic system, she becomes increasingly desperate. Guns are brandished, executives are confronted in their own homes, and it’s clear that Sonia is willing to go to any lengths necessary to save her husband.

At a swift 75 minutes, this film quickly draws you into Sonia’s maddening world. Although not exactly plausible that a scuffle with an insurance company would quickly turn so nasty, the film works because it is, violence aside, relatable: Who hasn’t had an aggravating runaround with a large, faceless entity? The film also scores points for being visually interesting.

Should You See It? Yes—it’s an enjoyable, thought-provoking (and quick!) thriller.

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