Basement Uplifts

Many of us have basements that we just cannot imagine ever being nice—they are just that awful. Low ceilings with vents and hanging wires, beaten up concrete walls, poor lighting, drain holes—sound familiar? I had one such basement when we remodeled our current house. My husband said it could be nice, and I said there was absolutely no way. As sometimes happens, he was right! This issue, I am sharing some creative ways to transform your basement. Trust me, it can be done!

If your looks skew contemporary, try a stain and polish on your old concrete, filling in any cracks or drain holes.

If your basement is one big rectangle with natural light at only one end and you don’t want to always close sections off, consider barn or double pocket doors.

These IKEA Pax units hold a ton of stuff in a stylish way. Because basement ceilings are often low, it is very easy to make them look built in with just some crown and base.

Make sure the entry to your basement oasis is appealing and inviting.

There are many varieties of drop ceiling tiles that look a lot better now than they did in the ’70s!

If you have a door to the outside in your basement, make sure it is not an afterthought and can be used.

I like this idea of a bar height table behind a sofa for maximum seating for watching movies or the game.

If you add a kitchen to the basement, I recommend a full-size refrigerator and extra oven for big holidays or parties. Leave the kitchen clear by staging the event in the basement.

Many ceilings are a little too low for cans. If so, use beautiful fixtures in key spots that match the rest of your home.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is all the rage in basements because it looks like wood, is flexible on uneven concrete and is fully waterproof. Layer with throw rugs and you won’t know it is not wood.

If you only need a little office space, try a desk built under the stairs.

With just some applied molding and a coat of semi gloss paint you can create a cozy, library feel in your lower level.

If your basement and yard allow, consider a small patio like this one off your lower level with lots of doors for natural light.

Beams are a necessary evil in basements, but you can trim them and build them into the design.

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