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The bathroom is the most personal room in the house and one that, when designed well, adds great value. Considering how much time people spend in the bathroom, creating a welcoming retreat with as many luxuries as possible is at the top of many homeowners’ lists today. These are a few of the latest trends in bathroom design.

[oversized, walk-in showers]
Large, walk-in showers with multiple shower heads and jets are another hot trend for master baths. Mosby Building Arts planner and designer Adrienne Nienkamp says, “These have the finest finish materials and the luxury of a personalized showering experience, and they are completely accessible. It’s a shower that continues to nurture you as your abilities change.”

photo courtesy of TOTO USA, Inc.

[low-consumption toilets]
Water saving low-consumption toilets are a smart and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional commode. Matt LaMartina of Tony LaMartina Plumbing Company offers this advice for selecting one: “Go with a name brand you can trust. Purchase based on quality and you’ll save money in the long run with fewer repairs.” We like TOTO’s Aquia wall-hung model.

photo courtesy of Evervue USA

[in-bath entertainment]
Added luxuries like built-in TVs or stereo systems are other fun options for those who spend a lot of time in the bath. Evervue offers a number of options, including fully waterproof TVs for the shower or bath, as well as the ‘hidden’ MirrorVue TV, which looks like a standard mirror when turned off. Getting ready for work has never been so entertaining!

photo courtesy of Immerse by Atlas

[wall-mount vanities]
Wall-mount vanities are gaining in popularity, according to bathroom design specialist Leigh Suffian of Immerse by Atlas. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, they offer modern style with space-saving benefits. “The Ronbow ‘Rebecca,’ currently in our showroom, is a sleek transitional piece offered in several finishes, with or without glass panels and with several top options,” she says.

photo courtesy of Modwalls

[penny tiles]
When choosing bathroom tile, more homeowners and designers are thinking outside the box and opting for penny round tile for backsplashes, shower/bath areas and floors. The unexpected, bubble-like shape is fun and unique, and penny tiles are available in a range of colors from bright to neutral that can be mixed and matched, such as these ModDotz tiles in ‘Pacifica’ from Modwalls.

photo courtesy of Electric Mirror

[lighted mirrors]
Over-the-vanity mirrors with built-in lighting are becoming a popular trend, as they are both stylish and functional, eliminating the need for a separate light fixture. Electric Mirror offers a variety of options, from round to square to rectangular, with partial- or full-lit borders, including the Integrity model shown here.

photo courtesy of Kohler

[new fixture finishes]
Bathroom faucets for the tub and sink are offered in a number of great new metallic finishes that go beyond the standard chrome or polished nickel. French gold, polished brass, dark-accented oil-rubbed bronze, or rich brushed bronze (shown here on the Purist collection) are just a few of the options from Kohler.

photo by Alise O’Brien, courtesy of Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design

[freestanding bathtubs]
More homeowners are returning to large, freestanding bathtubs. “Stand-alone tubs have come back into fashion because they are sculptural and curvaceous—the light plays on them,” says Susan Bower, architect with Mitchell Wall Architecture & Design. “People want to get away from the huge platforms that were popular in the ‘70s and ‘80s that take up space.”

By Amy Burger
Photo by Mosby Building Arts

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