Bridge with Bland: 12.4.19

Defense is hard, really hard. The rub on bridge is, “The more you know, the harder it is.” Defense supports this premise. This month’s hand is a good example.

vul: East/West
dealer: West

the bidding
W: 1
N: Dbl
E: Pass
S: Pass!
W: Pass

Bidding Commentary: When your partner makes a takeout double, it is not automatic to pass for penalties when holding the opponent’s trump suit. The strength of your hand and suit comes into play.  Don’t make the mistake of passing if your defensive suit has bad intermediate cards.

opening lead: 3

3 2
Q J 9 8
A J 3
A Q 10 7

10 6 5 2
K 8 5 4
6 5 3 2

K J 10 9 8
K 7
10 9 2
K J 9

A Q 7 6 5
A 4 3
Q 7 6
8 4

Defensive Note: When your partner passes your takeout double at the one level, they are not asking for, but are demanding, a trump lead. 

the play
1. North leads the 3, 4 by East, 8 from South, and Queen by West.
2. West knows he’s in big trouble, so he plays the 6 to East’s King.
3. The 4 is led, 9 by South, 7 by West, North the Jack.
4. North continues trumps with the 2, South forcing West’s Ace.
5. West leads the Ace and takes their last trick.
6. South’s hand is entered with the King.
7. South draws all the trumps and North/South takes the remaining tricks.
8. West is held to four tricks, plus 800 for North/South.

Note: Notice excellent intermediate cards in South’s hand.

tip of the day
When should you pass a partner’s takeout double for penalties?
“Double with trumps” has been the defender’s mantra forever. To pass your partner’s takeout double for penalties, good trumps and a good hand are essential.

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