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Telecommuting has become common for working professionals, as well as for many home businesses. So having a comfortable, well-equipped home office space is even more important these days. It’s got to be professional enough to keep you at work, but comfortable enough to make you want to spend time there. Here are some trends that might help:

Sett Studio

[backyard prefab offices]
For those who don’t have space in their house for a functional office, a prefab office shed or pod in the backyard can be an option. The Working Room for One by Sett Studiois made of sustainable materials and can be purchased with options like heating and cooling, a bathroom or kitchen, and built-in furniture.

Mosby Building Arts

[multi-use space]
Think outside the desk and make your home office a room that serves multiple functions. A home office addition in Frontenac by Mosby Building Arts also serves as a tranquil sitting room with a ‘clubhouse feel’ that showcases artifacts its owner gathered traveling the world.

Nagwa Seif Interior Design

[white on white]
There’s something about pure white that is so simple and tranquil. A home office in all white provides a ‘clean slate’ environment in which to clear one’s mind and focus on the task at hand. Metallic and neutral accents add texture and visual interest without appearing cluttered.

Crate & Barrel

[modern task lighting]
One thing you can’t skimp on is lighting. The Sterling Desk Lamp from Crate & Barrel offers a stylishly updated take on the classic desk lamp, and its slim, adjustable design makes it suitable for even the smallest workspace.

Herman Miller

[minimalist desks]
As technology has advanced, making computers smaller and minimizing paper use, the need for large work spaces also has decreased. Now that you can achieve just about everything from your laptop and smartphone, you can downsize to a compact desk, like the Herman Miller Nelson Swag Leg Desk, which easily fits into even the smallest spaces.

Blu Dot

[stylish storage]
Incorporate versatile shelving that offers both function and style for books, files and other office items. Blu Dot’s Chicago series is available in either eight-box or three box versions, and in three different finishes.

California Closets

[pocket offices]
For those working only part time at home, a ‘pocket office’ might be enough. These can be created in a small area like a nook, converted closet or space under a stairway, as with this custom pocket office by California Closets.

Drew Kelly for Jute Home

[industrial look]
The industrial look is hot: think 1940s factory with a modern flair. Combine a neutral color palette with exposed ceiling beams or ductwork and furnishings that mix reclaimed wood with steel and iron. Exposed bulb lighting adds to the effect.

Photo by Mosby Building Arts

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