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Spring is in full swing, and summer is not far behind. Put your best face forward by giving your skin some extra love during the sunny seasons. With a little help, you can keep your complexion youthful and healthy while protecting your skin from sun damage. A thoughtfully designed skin care regimen can tackle the signs of aging and other issues, according to Jackie Carr, R.N., ANP-BC, LE, owner of Pur-One Medispa in Des Peres.

To make the most of your skin care routine, Carr suggests exploring vitamin C. “It is an antioxidant that can provide environmental protection as well as improve the appearance of visible signs of aging,” she says. “I recommend SkinCeuticals’ CE Ferulic. The combination of ferulic acid with vitamins C and E provides eight times the skin’s natural protection against UV radiation, significantly decreasing the formation of sunburn cells when compared to serums with vitamin C and E alone.” She adds that SkinCeuticals also has products with vitamin C complexes that have been designed specifically for acne or blemish prone skin.

With summer approaching, sun protection should be on everybody’s mind. “According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the use of SPF 15 or higher can help reduce the development of squamous cell carcinoma by 40% and melanoma by 50%,” Carr notes. “I suggest using SPF 30 or higher to provide more protection. Make sure to reapply after swimming, sweating or two hours of extended sun exposure.” She adds that sunscreen can be an extra important step in your skin care routine because many active ingredients in anti-aging products can increase sun sensitivity. Although, antioxidants, like those found in CE Ferulic, can help protect your skin from environmental stressors.

When selecting a sunscreen, Carr recommends looking for a product with zinc oxide. “It’s a physical sunscreen, so it tends to have less irritation to the skin than chemical products, and it is safe for marine life,” she says. Pur-One Medispa offers several zinc oxide-based sunscreens, including EltaMD and ISDIN products. “ISDIN’s sunscreens have been clinically proven to repair UV-induced DNA damaged skin, including precancerous cells,” she notes. “EltaMD has a variety of products to meet different skin concerns, including their UV Clear line, which is good for acne-prone skin and comes in tinted options to
cover blemishes.”

Carr notes that she will not start other treatments with clients until they have established routine sunscreen use. “For patients who have suffered sun damage, the first line of defense is finding a sunscreen that they both like and tolerate,” she explains. “After establishing this crucial step to healthy skin, we can then begin corrective procedures.” To help repair photodamaged skin, treatments like chemical peels, microneedling and microdermabrasion combined with at-home skin care can be effective. If you have summer travels planned, she also recommends taking some extra precautions. “I suggest stopping use of any exfoliating products one to two weeks before a trip that will include prolonged sun exposure, such as boating or scuba diving,” she says. “Remember, a suntan is evidence of sun damage, which can lead to cancer or signs of aging due to degradation of the collagen and elastin in the skin.”

Pur-One Medispa in Des Peres offers a variety of effective skin treatments in a safe, pleasant environment. Pictured on the cover: Microblading artist and licensed esthetician Courtney Carr and owner Jackie Carr, R.N., ANP-BC, LE. For more information, call 314.909.0633 or visit

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Pictured at top: Courtney Carr and Jackie Carr
Photo courtesy of Pur-One Medispa

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