Review: Pete’s Dragon

This is the story of a boy and his dragon. Even though we know it’s a fairy tale, there is no way not to get wrapped up in the magic of it all. Because really, love is love, no matter whom it’s between. Pete (Oakes Fegley) comes across the giant green creature, who he names Elliot, in the woods after a car accident that kills both his parents. (Could it really be a Disney flick without a tragedy in the first few minutes?) Their connection is immediate, and the two build a life together in the forest for years, untouched by the outside world. It’s an idyllic place to be in every regard, and you find yourself yearning to be that free and peaceful. When workers from a nearby mill start tearing down parts of their home, and Pete becomes aware of life beyond the trees, everything changes. New relationships form, trust is tested, and lives are changed. But in the end, love prevails—and that’s the
best ending to any fairy tale.

Should You See It? Yes!
Viewed at Wehrenberg Ronnie’s 20 Cine

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