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Tricky Treats: Halloween & Dental Health

Along with ghosts and ghouls, Halloween brings lots of sugary goodies for kiddos—and adults. The threat of tooth decay can be as scary as anything that goes bump in the night, but you don’t have to hang up your costume and trick-or-treating bucket because of it. Kids and adults can still enjoy all of the sweet things spooky season has to offer. By taking a few simple precautions, you and your family won’t need to be frightened by the possibility of cavities.

sugar and cavities
We all know that sugar causes cavities. But, how exactly? Cavities are formed by plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on your teeth. Your saliva helps wash it away, but when you have sugary foods or drinks, the bacteria also consumes the sugar. This causes it to produce an acid, which weakens your enamel and causes tooth decay.

Cavities are most common among children, but changes that come with aging can make them a problem in adulthood as well. Recession of the gums and gum disease can expose the roots of your teeth to plaque. The roots are covered in a softer tissue than enamel called cementum. This makes them more susceptible to decay. If you had cavities filled as a child, the area round the filling may be weaker and more vulnerable as well.

in the candy bowl
Regular oral hygiene means you can enjoy candy and other treats without too much worry about tooth decay. However, it still can’t hurt to make smart choices when taking your pick from the candy bowl. Not all sugary snacks have the same effect on your teeth.

tricks for dealing with halloween treats

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