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Emily and Andrew Frisella had their eye on this home and its beautiful surroundings long before it went on the market in 2014. So when a ‘for sale’ sign appeared, they took the plunge. “We’ve always loved the location and had admired the house for a while,” Emily says. “The day it came up for sale, we made an offer.” The couple has since moved a little farther west to gain more land, but Emily says she and Andrew enjoyed every moment of living in the house.

How versatile is the home?
It’s spread out, but it’s also a place where the whole family can be together. Often, our kids would be doing homework at the island while my husband was eating at the table and I was on the couch watching TV. Everyone was doing their own thing, but we were doing it together. That was important to us. At the same time, there were plenty of private getaway spots whenever someone needed a quiet moment.

What is its standout feature?
There is a beautiful ‘special occasion’ staircase in the grand foyer, so our house was always the place for MICDS and Ladue High School students to gather for prom photos. Neighbors also would ask if their families could use it for pictures. I saw a stairway like it years ago in Savannah, Georgia, and always said I’d have one of my own someday. We told our architect it was a must-have and basically built the home around it.

What are some other attractive features?
It’s a showpiece and a statement house, but it’s also as warm and welcoming as your favorite aunt’s home. It never feels like a museum; it’s very comfortable and inviting. Outdoors, I love the weeping willows, backyard terrace and naturally landscaped grounds. Lots of mature trees provide privacy and green space.

Is it set up well for entertaining?
Yes! We are a musical family, so we built a state-ofthe-art studio, and there’s a theater with stadium seating for nine. We loved having people over for movie nights and popcorn, and we kept two baby grand pianos in the home. There’s also space for billiards and games, plus a full outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. We threw our daughter a wonderful 16th birthday party for 250 kids, complete with velvet ropes and a red carpet coming up the driveway. All of the guests were brought in by limo.

What do you like about the location?
The way the neighboring properties adjoin, you can see across acres of land and there’s nothing but trees and greenery. The home is right in the central corridor, but it’s also a wonderful private oasis.

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“An effortless, open design draws you through one fabulous space after another as every room strikes a balance between elegance and whimsy, form and function.”
– Becky, Mary & Matt

list price |$1,849,000
listing agents | Becky Foster, Mary Bloomstran, Matt Muren
agency | Berkshire Hathaway Homeservices Select Properties

Photos: Square One Photography