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2 Hortense Place, St. Louis

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Built in 1902, the house on Hortense Place is one with a lot of stories in its walls. Constructed by one of St. Louis’ most prominent figures (keep reading to find out who!), it has hosted local celebrities and foreign dignitaries alike. “The home has beautiful features, like 10-foot ceilings, ornate woodwork and neoclassical architecture,” says current owner Rod Jones. “But I really love the fact that it has a history.” He and his wife, Benton, have enjoyed being part of the property’s legacy, but now, he says it’s time for another family to leave its mark.

What are some of the benefits of living in the CWE?
It’s a very active, diverse neighborhood, and it has some of the best dining establishments that you can find anywhere. Whenever we had guests from the coasts, they always were surprised by the Central West End. It’s one of the most culturally alive neighborhoods in St. Louis, and we have enjoyed being a part of it. Plus, our neighbors on Hortense Place have been great. You couldn’t ask for a better group of people.

Do you know anything about the home’s history?
It was built by Albert Bond Lambert, who was a very prominent St. Louis resident. He was heir to the Lambert Pharmaceutical Company, which manufactured Listerine, and Lambert International Airport is named after him. He had the house constructed ahead of the 1904 World’s Fair and actually participated as a golfer in the Olympic games that were held in the city that year. Lambert was a great promoter of aviation, and he helped back Charles Lindbergh, who actually stayed at the house. The king of Sweden also was a guest, and we were told the fireplace in the solarium was a gift from him.

Did you make changes to the house?
We added a new pool and landscaping and did a few cosmetic changes like updating light fixtures and rugs. We didn’t have to do much because the owners before us did an extensive renovation. They had the basement completely redone and replaced all of the electrical and plumbing. It was like they rebuilt everything from top to bottom. It’s one of the most complete renovations done on any house on Hortense Place.

How do you like to use the outdoor space?
The house is on a double lot, so there is a lot of space. Along with the pool, there is a basketball court and play area. We spent probably 10 months of the year outdoors.

Is there anything you want the next owner to know?
Enjoy it. The house is a piece of history. It’s really rich in character, and while it may seem large, it fits a family like a warm blanket. It’s such a great holiday house. There’s no better place to gather together and celebrate.

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“The home works beautifully for today’s busy families, with thoughtful updates that maintain the superb architecture.”

— Mary Safron & Helen Costello

list price | $1,799,000
listing agent | Helen Costello & Mary Safron
agency | Laura McCarthy Real Estate
phone | 314.725.5100 • 314.651.7792 • 314.406.2329

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