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42 Pacland Estates Drive, Chesterfield

from the homeowners | The owners of this Chesterfield home had noteworthy plans when they purchased the property during its construction 14 years ago. They wanted to welcome professional musicians for concerts and performances, and the house provided the perfect setting for their talents to be displayed. It’s also an excellent example of carefully thought-out quality and design, the owner notes. Conveniences like a three-story elevator, circular driveway, porte cochère and motor court add to its many charms.

Why did the home site catch your eye?
The house was partially under construction when we first saw it and decided to buy it. We liked the idea of getting to determine where some features would go, and we had a major hand in the final details of the building process. We also liked the fact that the small, gated community is private and secure, with just 11 homes.

What are some of the property’s special touches?
It has beautiful wood features and floors throughout, including mahogany and cherry. The lower level is spacious and includes a kitchen, theater, fireplace, exercise room, billiard and table tennis area, and a full bath. Five indoor fireplaces create a lot of atmosphere, and there is an outdoor one as well. We always enjoyed the pavilion with its fans and gas heating so you can sit outside whether it’s warm or cool. The house really is unique in terms of its design and quality; I think it combines the best of traditional and modern features.

Where can you hold concerts in the home?
The 2-story great room was built specifically for that. We designed it to have excellent acoustics and accommodate a grand piano. From this room, you can see the koi pond and hear the sounds of the waterfall in the garden.

What is the outdoor space like?
There’s a beautiful saltwater pool, everything is naturally landscaped, and the pool house looks out toward a pleasant grove of trees. The yard is 3 acres, and the woods keep the view private so you don’t see other homes in the neighborhood. We gave the landscaping a Pacific Northwest look with conifers and cedars because we love that part of the country.

Sounds like a great home for welcoming guests.
The property is spectacular for entertaining, and there are plenty of guest rooms for friends and family. But it’s also a wonderful private retreat, a separate world of your own. The home worked perfectly for the parties, social events and nonprofits we hosted. At the same time, it’s so secluded that you easily can relax and unwind after hours because the rest of the world is somewhere else.

from the agent
“This home offers secluded resort living for those who have memories to make.”
— Stephanie Oliver

Listing price | $3,995,000
Listing agent | Stephanie Oliver
Agency | Dielmann Sotheby’s International Realty
Phone | 314.322.6992 | 314.725.0009


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