Lizzy Dooley, Megan Rowe and Joan Schnoebelen
Dooley Rowe Schnoebelen | Compass Realty Group
Q. Why is inventory so low right now?
A. More people delaying home sales leads to inventory shortages and market blockages or disruptions. High-interest rates and older generations opting to age-in-place contribute to low housing inventory.

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Alyssa Suntrup
Gladys Manion Real Estate
Q. Is the housing market still as competitive as it has been?
A. The market is still very strong, even with current interest rates. While the frequency of bidding wars may have lessened and competition is not as steep, strategy and knowledge are critical in negotiations.

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Beth Schultz
Janet McAfee Real Estate
Q. What is the best way to create a successful home buying or selling transaction with the least stress?
A. Find a true partnership and work with someone you trust to guide you. There is so much emotion, uncertainty and anxiety in today’s market. Each transaction is different.

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Sarah Bernard
RedKey Realty Leaders
Q. Our kitchen is dated. Should we renovate it before we list our home for sale?
A. If you’re planning to sell in the next 12 months, I usually recommend no major renovations. Focus on fresh paint, carpet and a landscaping refresh. Let the next owner update the kitchen to their style and taste.

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Margie Kubik
Gladys Manion Real Estate
Q. What is an escalation clause, and how is it used?
A. An escalation clause can be approached in many different ways. For the best competitive edge, work with an experienced agent who is in tune with the latest strategies and has an intricate knowledge of the sales contract to craft the best offer.

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