Hair and makeup trends can change as quickly as the seasons. One day the Kardashians have made contouring all the rage, the next day, Kim breaks away and declares she’s all for ‘noncontouring’ and a more natural look in hair and makeup! Keeping up is a challenge. Here’s a quick guide to learning the lingo and popular trends for now (and, we hope, for at least the next few months!).

four ways to say someone’s hair or makeup is perfect:
1. Giving me Life: “Your makeup is giving me life!”
2. Beat/the Beatdown: “Your face is beat!”
3. Slay: “Your eye shadow slayed last night.”
4. Yaaaas: Simply say, “Yaaaas!”

An extra-long nail style that is squared off at the tip, it’s a variation of the stiletto but not as dangerously sharp at the tip.

ring chandeliers
Tiny, dangling crystals that can be looped through a small hole pierced into the fingernail—another in the long list of this year’s nail trends.

nail contouring
You can create a longer-looking nail by using a clear or light base coat and then putting one stroke of a deep color down the middle of the nail. Because the deeper color doesn’t go to the sides of the nails, it gives the illusion of long nails.

A Face of the Day photo is not what it sounds like (a picture of your face). It is actually a picture of the eye, lip and face products you used that day to post on social media. All the items get spread out onto the bathroom counter or floor in their original bottles so after you post the picture, your followers can see your favorite brands and types of products.

This is an at-home method to create semi-permanent makeup. Contour your face with self-tanner in places you’d typically apply bronzer. It will give a nice, natural look and will last for days. (Let’s hope you don’t make a mistake!).

Products on the market that are very similar to the originals but less expensive. When results are compared, the two are almost indistinguishable.

cut crease
When you draw a very sharp line of shadow across the eye crease to define and accentuate it.

magnetic mask
A new, age-defying facial mask that is thought to date back to a concept Cleopatra embraced thousands of years ago. First, gently rub a cream on the face and when it’s ready to be removed, glide a magnet over the skin’s surface. The mask gravitates to the magnet, pulling away from the face and removing any impurities and dirt. The masks are said to brighten and firm the skin.

face flowers
The term is exactly what it says: Flower petals are attached to the face, neck and lips using an adhesive to create a new look—this one is for the true flower child.

garage doors
This describes wearing a single shade of eye shadow from the eye lid all the way up to the brow bone. It was originally made popular in the ‘80s.

A method of face-washing popularized in Korea. The first step is to use an oil-based cleanser to dissolve oil-soluble makeup, like mascara. Then, a gentle foaming cleanser is applied.

Women can fix a poor eyebrow wax job with a permanent fix that uses tattoo technology. A tattooing needle uses eyebrow dye to perfectly match the person’s current color, and after just two visits, the new ‘hair’ strokes will last one to three years.