Our eyebrows say a lot about us to the world. They are one of the most expressive parts of the face, telegraphing our happiness, anger, surprise and more. It’s important not to let their appearance and care fall to the wayside. At Pur-One Medispa, the goal is to uplift St. Louisans, so they can face any challenge feeling confident in their appearance—including their eyebrows. At the medispa in Des Peres, licensed esthetician Courtney Carr also offers microblading services.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. The technique involves placing hairlike strokes to shape and define the eyebrow area. Carr says that the initial treatment requires two appointments. “The first involves building a shape to the brows and placing strokes to blend with the existing hair,” she explains. “It typically takes around two to three hours, and it is followed by an initial touch-up appointment that takes around an hour and a half.” To ensure clients remain comfortable during the procedure, two numbing agents are used.

Following the first round of microblading, the initial healing process takes 10 days. Carr advises that patients should not get the eyebrow area wet during this time. “I usually suggest that when showering, the client press the shower head downward so that the water doesn’t hit the brows directly,” she says. “Profuse sweating also should be avoided. Makeup can be worn during this period, but only around the eyebrow area, not directly over it.”

Carr says that maintaining your eyebrows is easier after microblading, requiring only the light tweezing of any hairs within the fattier eyelid area. After the procedure, if you still wish to improve the appearance of your brows, she notes there are other treatments you can combine with microblading. “For some clients that have gray eyebrow hair coming in or just have lighter brows in general, a tint and tweeze is a great service to give the brows a more manicured look,” she explains.

How long you maintain your desired look depends on your skin, according to Carr. She notes that people with normal to dry skin tend to retain microblading pigment for a longer period of time than those who have oilier skin. When it comes to maintenance, she suggests a regular touch-up appointment. “I recommend coming in for treatment anywhere from six months to a year after the initial procedure,” she says. “Once we place pigment back in the skin, it’s possible that the client wouldn’t need another touch-up for a longer period of time, such as a year and half or two years.”

This September will mark Carr’s fifth year of offering microblading. In that time, she’s worked with a variety of clients, ranging in age from early 20s to late 80s. “I’ve worked with moms, nurses, and teachers,” she says. “I’ve helped people cover scarring within the eyebrow area that has resulted in minor loss of hair and people with hypothyroidism who have experienced loss of all eyebrow hair, as well as cancer survivors. I’m confident that I can use microblading to meet a wide variety of client needs. Whatever your brow concerns, my goal is to boost your confidence!”

Pur-One Medispa in Des Peres offers a variety of effective skin treatments in a safe, pleasant environment. Pictured on the cover: Microblading artist and licensed esthetician Courtney Carr. For more information, call 314.960.7619 or visit courtneychristinecarr.com.

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Pictured at top: Courtney Car
Photo: Elise Dunn (@elise_usesacamera)