Looking at the ownership of a company will often tell you about the kind of service you can expect from it. Amanda Alejandro, owner and president of Realty Shop STL, is committed to reshaping the local real estate market through innovative technology, fresh thinking and comprehensive services. The company, which is part of Vue Enterprises, is committed to making every aspect of the business more manageable for both clients and agents. Alejandro’s passion for real estate and the St. Louis community is evident in the level of care and dedication the companies provide.

Growing up, Alejandro gained an appreciation for hard work by watching her mother. “I was raised by a single mother, and she had a tenacious work ethic,” she says. “She would work three or four jobs to provide for our family. Seeing that instilled the same drive in me.” Alejandro’s upbringing also taught her the importance of finding security. At just 18, she purchased her first home, working multiple jobs herself so she could attend college. The experience taught her how empowering homeownership could be, and she discovered a new passion for helping others with their real estate journey.

“There is so much potential with real estate,” Alejandro notes. “You can buy a property, live in it, leverage it, scale it—there is no ceiling. Working in real estate gave me the chance not only to build myself up, but also create opportunities and careers for others. It really was a no brainer.” Today, Alejandro is more than a real estate agent. She’s an entrepreneur having developed Realty Shop STL and Vue Enterprises. In five years, the ventures have grown to address all aspects of the real estate landscape, including luxury properties, new construction, relocation services, senior living, dissolution services, title services and more.

With a holistic approach to real estate, these companies offer an exclusive, stress-free home buying and selling experience, integrating title and mortgage services under one roof. This impressive growth trajectory reflects the strength of Alejandro’s leadership, as well as the dedication she and her team have to delivering top-tier service. “Watching Realty Stop STL grow has been so rewarding,” she says. “There’s something powerful about being able to see yourself in something while you watch it develop and change. It makes you super passionate about your career. This business means everything to me.”

Alejandro and her team have carved a unique niche in the St. Louis real estate market. Thanks to a deep understanding of the community, Realty Shop STL acts as a neighbor and advocate for building up the region. “St. Louis is such a unique market, and that doesn’t get talked about enough,” she notes. “It really is a big small town. You can get everywhere in around 30 minutes, but each neighborhood has its own pulse and sense of community. Since we’re in the midwest, we’re often overlooked, but St. Louis is home to great education, culture and more. I’m so proud of the fact that part of my job is sharing this city.”

Realty Shop STL, a division of Vue Enterprises, is a full-service, Creve Coeur-based real estate brokerage that provides turnkey client services. Pictured on the cover: Owner and president Amanda Alejandro. For more information, call 314.372.0324 or visit realtyshopstl.com.

Cover design by Julie Streiler
Cover photo courtesy of Realty Shop STL

Pictured at the top: Owner and president Amanda Alejandro
Photo courtesy of Realty Shop STL