Born out of Hollywood’s golden age of the 1930s, Hollywood Regency interior design is all about glitz and glamor. It was inspired by the homes and estates of the actors and actresses skyrocketing to fame at the time. Hollywood Regency is typified by the work of designers like William Haines, who decorated the homes of stars including Joan Crawford and Frank Sinatra, and Dorothy Draper, whose anti-minimalist approach became the definition of the style.

Hollywood Regency’s popularity is bookend by Art Deco and Mid Century Modern design, and it shares some overlap with both. Like Art Deco, it has a focus on bold color, metallics, pattern and a sense of glamor, but Hollywood Regency is more eclectic and playful. While the opulence of the style may seem completely at odds with Mid Century Modern, the two have a similar approach to furniture silhouettes as they favor slim profiles. However, while Mid Century Modern focuses on natural wood tones, Hollywood Regency is all about gloss and shine.

the hallmarks of hollywood regency design
Hollywood regency is all about maximalism—after all, it’s an aesthetic primarily defined by the grandeur of celebrity and cinema. Gilded elements, marble surfaces and luxurious fabrics just scratch the surface of how the style emphasizes glamor.

  • Layered, textured design elements
  • Black and white, especially in checkerboard flooring
  • Mirrored and metallic finishes
  • Blocks of contrasting color or patterns
  • Oversized art prints
  • Rococo-style furniture, such as slipper chairs and skirted sofas
  • Chinoiserie elements like room dividers or bamboo detailing
  • Ornate chandeliers

how to introduce it in your home
While it may be nice to consider living like a movie star, most modern homes probably aren’t suited for the complete Hollywood Regency treatment. However, glamorous details and gilded touches can be a great way to introduce the style into your space in a way that is harmonious with a modern lifestyle.

  • Keep your walls and floors neutral, and then add more glam accents to create a more balanced look.
  • Be bold with color. Popular hues of the time include hot pink, turquoise and yellow. Also, don’t be afraid to pair them.
  • Incorporate patterns, but use them smartly. Choose two to pair together or one with bright accents to create a pop that doesn’t overpower the senses.
  • Bring in metallic accessories and finishes. The sunburst mirror is a hallmark of Hollywood Regency, and it’s easy to introduce into almost any space in your home—whether you’re looking to glam up your bedroom, a powder room or a living space.
  • Mix luxurious textiles like velvet, silk and fur—or faux fur.
  • Lacquered surfaces are the central element of Hollywood Regency. Consider bringing it into your home through an element like a credenza or coffee table, or go smaller with accessories. Whatever you pick, bright and glossy is a must.

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