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Fresh Start

Doors are reopening around town as summer gains a foothold, and medical spas are among the health-related businesses paying special attention to client safety and convenience as they come back online. T&S talked with two medical spa directors who are adopting a positive outlook, putting new protocols in place and helping clients refresh their skin heading into the warmer months.

Aeron Sheffield, RN, BSN, of Ethos Aveda Salon & Medspa, says his first priority is making sure patients and staff are protected properly at the office. “Everyone who comes in is scanned with a thermometer, and we ask them to wear masks and wash their hands with soap or use hand sanitizer,” he says. “We also are minimizing clients’ time in the waiting area and advising them to stay outside or in their cars until they can be checked in. There has been a learning curve, but it’s going well, and everyone has been very understanding.” Staff members are screened, gloved and masked as well, and the office keeps track of their daily temperatures to make sure no one is getting sick.

Carol Anderson, RN, CANS, owner of Nouveau, A Boutique Medspa, is paying close attention to health and safety concerns as well. In addition to using personal protective equipment and cleaning, screening and distancing procedures, her staff talks with clients about whether they’ve been exposed to COVID-19.

“We looked at best practices regarding infectious disease and planned accordingly,” she says. “If you’ve had contact in the past two weeks with a person testing positive, we will ask that you delay your appointment for a couple of weeks. We schedule 15-minute intervals between clients to allow time for thorough sanitizing, and we make sure each person clears the building before the next appointment comes in. We also have people call us from the car upon arrival so we can manage their entry and exit. And we make sure to carefully answer any questions they may have.”

Anderson says her clients have been accepting of the new procedures as well because they care about their own health and that of others. “We have two or three staff members working at any given time, and we can’t see as many patients in a day right now, but we feel the need to be safe and not take chances is more important,” she explains. “Once it’s OK to do so, we plan on expanding our schedule and holding a client appreciation party that we had to postpone.”

Sheffield agrees that education is one of the most important safety measures a medical spa can practice, so he is putting particular emphasis on consulting individually with clients. “We are welcoming them back in a way that’s safe but also much more personal than a sign or handout,” he explains. “They have heard a lot of technical explanations about the pandemic from doctors and the media, and that information can be scary when it’s not in layman’s terms, so we are connecting with them directly in a way that’s easy to understand. People are craving the kind of outside human interaction and attention that they haven’t had in a while.”

summer-ready skin
Now is a great time to think about medical spa treatments to refresh and de-stress your skin as you head into summer. They can help restore vitality and balance whether you’ve been stuck inside or working outdoors, and medical spa professionals can advise which ones may be combined to produce the best results. “Some people have been under a lot of pressure during this time, and others have had a chance to decompress,” Anderson says. “Whatever your stress level, you often can see the difference in your skin. Stress can break down collagen and lead to conditions like dryness and acne. If you’re not taking steps to rebuild and refresh your skin, you may run into problems.”

Here are some skin-rejuvenating medical spa treatments to consider:

Microneedling, a procedure that can be combined with platelet-rich plasma therapy to refine and refresh skin
Chemical peels to strengthen skin and improve imperfections like discoloration, lines and wrinkles
Hydrafacial, a revitalizing treatment that removes dead skin cells and moisturizes; can be combined with aromatherapy and spot massage
IV cocktails, an intravenous infusion of nutrients and hydration to support immunity and skin health
Injectable treatments to improve appearance and texture

Fresh Start
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Fresh Start
Doors are reopening around town as summer gains a foothold, and medical spas are among the health-related businesses paying special attention to client safety and convenience as they come back online.
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