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Styling Your Kitchen

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have a collection of neutral bowls and vases.
This is one of our go-to tips! Bowls and vases can be used to hold just about everything, from food to flowers to utensils. Besides being visually pleasing to have out on your countertops, they also serve a purpose. By opting for neutral colors, you can ensure they always can be placed together. Grouping bowls or vases of varying heights and sizes can create a focal point in a kitchen and become a beautiful centerpiece. Keep in mind that odd number groupings always work better visually! Remember three instead of two. We recommend going white and clear if you are in the market for new items. Clear vases are perfect for fresh flowers (our personal favorites being Italian Ruscus or hydrangeas) and always present a crisp, fresh look.

invest in quality cutting boards and trays.
Cutting boards are another kitchen styling staple. They look great alone, but also can be layered and stacked for a completely different look. Rather than placing them flat on the counter, try standing them up against your backsplash to create more interest. They also are easy to grab—especially nice for serving food when you’re hosting. With so many materials and shapes (square, round, wood, marble), you can find some that complement your decor perfectly.

use fresh food!
It can be easy to forget about the beauty in everyday food items, but it’s there. We use fresh foods almost every time we style a home for a photo shoot. Whether it’s baked goods, fruits or vegetables, food brings both life and color to a space, especially a kitchen. So rather than tucking your fresh food away in the pantry, use the vases and boards mentioned earlier to showcase it. Two choice food items that always look great and bring a pop of color are pears and green apples. Artichokes, while less common, are perfect if you’re looking for some fun texture!

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