Twenty years ago, Gayle Rose was a high-flying advertising executive—literally! Her marketing career had her circling the globe, and it was one of those international stops—Torino, Italy—that changed the way she saw everything. She fell in love with Italian culture: the fresh food, the fresh air and the effortlessly active lifestyle. She would go on to build a career and life based on this experience.

Today, Gayle is a coach and personal trainer with an approach to health and fitness that is simple and uncomplicated. She knows that small changes in behavior turn into big results. She focuses her clients on what is possible while discouraging extremes and deprivation. Gayle likes to say, “All things in moderation, except love and laughter.”

Working with Gayle never feels like work. She is intuitive, energetic and resourceful. Her clients’ results speak for themselves. Gayle has helped countless women change the trajectory of their lives by shifting their mindsets and habits. Her results transcend the scale, as her clients say they went from loathing to loving themselves. Nonetheless, the results on the scale are remarkable: one client has lost 100 pounds without diet extremes or calorie counting, and plenty more have shed more than 50 pounds each.

When she’s not helping others, Gayle is living the life that she dreamed of in Italy. She eats wholesome, delicious foods, and she soaks up great local activities like laughing yoga in Forest Park, running the stairs at the Arch grounds and stand-up paddle boarding on Creve Coeur Lake.

What are your favorite local restaurants?
Lona’s Lil Eats, Tree House and Revel Kitchen.

Where is your favorite place to get outdoors?  
Forest Park—I go there every day. With everything it offers, it is the jewel of our city. And it’s free!

When are you in flow? 
Any time I am working out—whether it’s strength training, cycling or taking a hike.

What is your favorite snack? 
Dark chocolate.

Who do you admire? 
Jackie Joyner-Kersee; not only is she a great female athlete, but she has done so much for this community.

What’s a book you love? 
The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. Freedom From Your Inner Critic is on my nightstand; it’s a great book.

What’s on your playlist? 
“Hakuna Matata” from The Lion King, “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens and “Everything You Wanted” by Billie Eilish.

What do you love about living in St. Louis?
The neighborhoods, the architecture, the art, the culture, the people, the Midwestern values—we are so blessed.

Beth Chesterton is a master certified executive coach and an expert in organizational development.