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Glennon: Companies That Care

new balance st. louis 

Each year, the Glennon Card program creates partnership opportunities to allow companies that care to give back to kids who are healing. This year, St. Louis-area New Balance stores have hit the ground running for the benefit of patients at SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital. This is the second year that New Balance’s three area locations—Creve Coeur, Richmond Heights and Fairview Heights—have taken part, and 2018 brings even more involvement.

General manager Beth Eilers says previous participation only strengthened the company’s resolve to do more. This year, she says, the three stores are happy to collect monetary donations on-site in addition to selling and redeeming the Glennon Card Oct. 19 through 28. “New Balance St. Louis stores are locally owned, so we like to take part in important initiatives in the area,” Eilers says. “We love being able to see what our efforts can accomplish. Last year’s funds helped the hospital purchase 3-D printing equipment that creates replicas of organs and tissues to help doctors better understand patients’ needs.”

Through Oct. 18, New Balance shoppers can make a $1, $3 or $5 credit or debit card donation at the register, or they can use the stores’ cash donation boxes. They also get to add their names to sticky notes and place them on the store wall as a token of recognition. “The program makes donating easy and pleasant for everyone, and it helps ensure we raise as much money for young patients as possible,” Eilers notes.

She says New Balance St. Louis admires the community’s commitment to Glennon kids. “Our employees love meeting area shoppers who donate and buy merchandise,” she notes. “It’s gratifying to know people in the community have the same priorities we do. They already are familiar with the program’s impact, and that’s why they come in. Everybody knows someone whose family has been touched by the hospital’s care and compassion. It’s a positive experience all around.”

Eilers says the company enjoys partnering with other area businesses for good causes. “We like seeing how they promote the Glennon Card program, and we get a lot of good ideas from them,” she says. “New Balance St. Louis is committed to doing as much as we can to better the community.” Eilers says she and her colleagues also are impressed by the volunteers behind the Glennon Card program. “This is an organization we are proud to say we support,” she notes.

Some participating retailers have had the opportunity to take a tour of the hospital and meet patients and parents. “Last year, we saw the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units and witnessed brain surgery,” Eilers says. “It was incredible to experience the program’s impact firsthand, and it makes you understand why everyone holds the hospital’s work in such high regard.”

Pictured above: New Balance St. Louis shoppers can donate at the register through Oct. 18.