During every Tuesday sales meeting, RedKey Realty Leaders starts with good news. Agents are encouraged to share something positive happening in their personal life or at work, not about sales, but about whether their daughter’s soccer team won or if they attended a fundraiser or community event. “When we recruit, we recruit to our culture,” says RedKey CEO/owner Jill Butler. “This company culture isn’t for everyone, but ‘love and service’ is our unofficial motto.”

red-key-ss-cover-10Recently, agent Rob Soete emailed Butler photos in which he used the company limo (typically reserved for transporting clients to closings) for a night out on the town with some special community members. Soete picked up adults with special needs from a group home and took all nine residents to a park, dinner and Ted Drewes. “The staff said residents got so excited,” Butler says. “Some got their nails done, and they dressed up. The photos he sent were very indicative of our agents. When they see a need to serve, they do.”

Special moments like that remind Butler exactly why she started RedKey Realty four years ago. She wanted to create a local, independent company focused not only on real estate, but also on the needs of those in the community. “When we started, we felt so committed to St. Louis,” Butler says. “Our agents are passionate and they are passionate about St. Louis. We have a lot of pride in being a local company.”

That pride goes beyond the company’s continued growth in sales. RedKey had a 300-percent growth in its first year and now has expanded to 140 agents working out of offices in Frontenac and Chesterfield. Despite this success, the company’s mission remains the same. And while more and more agents seek to join RedKey’s culture, Butler says she is looking only for the right fit. “We really want committed agents and leaders, those who live, work and serve their communities,” she says.

In another effort to demonstrate that service is its No. 1 goal, RedKey began the Ripple Effect, an annual event where all agents come together to support one common cause. While still working with nonprofits and various charities on their own, recently the agents set a goal to raise $2,500 to benefit Joey Renick, who was nominated by a RedKey realtor to be the first recipient of the Ripple Effect fundraising. Renick, a Crestwood resident, is dealing with his third bout of leukemia. By the end of the campaign, RedKey exceeded its goal and raised $5,000 to help offset Renick’s medical expenses.

That is one of many reasons Butler looks forward to celebrating good news on Tuesdays with her agents. Sales are important, but she likes hearing about the positive things going on in the agents’ home lives and in their involvement throughout the community during each given week.

“If we meet our goals but people are not happy, that isn’t what I would consider successful,” Butler says.

Pictured: RedKey Realty leaders CEO/Owner Jill Butler
Photo: Bill Barrett

On the cover: RedKey Realty Leaders continues to increase sales each year, but the company also is focused on making a big impact in the community; ‘love and service’ is its unofficial motto. Pictured on the cover: RedKey Realty CEO Jill Butler and broker Klaus Bank. Offices are 10333 Clayton Road (314.692.7200) and 17107 Chesterfield Airport Road (636.237.6000). For more information, visit redkeystlouis.com.
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