Dear Homework,
My daughter and her husband recently purchased a ‘fixer upper.’ The interior space will work for their family of three boys, but the outside is in desperate need of a face-lift. They hope to work on the landscaping and curb appeal. Thoughts?
— Fixer Upper Face-Lift

hmk-IMG_2327Dear Fixer Upper Face-Lift,
To update the look, I think we should first turn our attention to its most dated feature, the New Orleans-style wrought iron balcony. No one has used this motif in decades, let alone on an element that is basically useless. I suggest removing the whole fake balcony and replacing it with three French doors with Juliet balconies. This will give the long façade a vertical lift, but will require some patching of the existing brickwork. That’s why I also suggest painting the brick gray, which will be an elegant complement to the black shutters and roofing and will give the house a more current feel.

The landscape shows a bolder and more lush approach to the site, taking care not to block the short, lower level windows. A larger black lantern and new black urns complete the picture.
Thanks for asking,

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